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Superactive Capsules

Essential Ceramides+

Absolute magic, for skin that needs moisture.

‎While feeding your face with hydration is key (we all love our Hyaluronic Acids, vitamin E Acetates and Seaweed moisture boosters), if your skin’s natural barrier function is subpar, you won’t get the full buffet of benefits. These perfectly portable capsules deliver skin-identical doses of Sphingo-and-Glycolipids, which help support your natural Ceramide production, for longer-lasting moisture and dewier, glowier skin. ‎(Each capsule is made of Seaweed, so they're fully compostable.)

60 X 0.3 ml

Made in Italy

Suitable for all skin types, especially dry, aging or sensitive. Excellent to apply on both your face and neck.


‎‎+ These amazing, French-formulated, concentrated Ceramide capsules can take YEARS off your appearance. How? By supporting your skin’s barrier repair function, increasing moisture retention, smoothing, rehydrating and minimizing the appearance of aging. ‎+ These portable, individual doses - perfect for travel or in-flight skincare - give skin a silky-smooth finish and with regular use, these anti-aging capsules help maintain healthy, plump and dewy looking skin by delivering the raw ingredients your complexion needs.

Key Benefit by Ingredient

+ Skin Identical Sphingolipid Complex To support the skin’s natural barrier and boost the natural production of Fatty Acids and essential Ceramides that are depleted by aging, pollution, sun exposure, exfoliation and face washing

+ Essential Glycolipids To help replenish endogenous Fatty Acids and help fight visible signs of aging


Clean Beauty

Cruelty Free

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