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Skincare Routines For Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Skincare Routines For Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Written by Jess Beech

6 Apr 2023

A collection of Beauty Pie products

Our favourite skincare routine for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, a woman's body goes through significant hormonal changes, which can affect the skin in various ways. As a result, some skincare products that were previously safe and effective may not be suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. For the sake of ease and time, we have compiled a list of the most suitable Beauty Pie products for pregnant and breastfeeding women, so your skincare needs can be met without the guess-work.

The AM / PM Routine

Pregnant and breastfeeding women need to be cautious about the skincare products they use because some ingredients can be absorbed through the skin and potentially harm the developing fetus or nursing baby. Additionally, some skincare ingredients may trigger an allergic reaction or cause irritation to the skin, which can be more sensitive during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Certain skincare ingredients, such as retinoids, salicylic acid, and hydroquinone, have been linked to birth defects and are not recommended for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Need some guidance? The below are step-by-step guides for a reliable skincare routine when pregnant or breastfeeding. Not everyone will include this many products in their routine (and some might add more) but just make sure you’re covering the cornerstones of cleanser, moisturiser, and SPF. 


Gentle cleanser

Japanfusion Pure Transforming Cleanser is the perfect way to start the day. The high-tech gel-to-oil-to-milk texture makes it a joy to use for skin that feels clean but never stripped. If your skin is oily, you might prefer the satisfaction of something that foams. In which case, swap for Super Healthy Skin Gentle Foamy Facial Wash. It’s infused with vitamin C and antioxidant raspberry extracts to leave skin feeling fabulously fresh. 

Antioxidant serum

An antioxidant serum like Super Healthy Skin Daily Vitamin Defense Serum will help to fight the impact of free radicals on the skin, to reduce fine lines and the chance of developing hyperpigmentation during pregnancy. Consider it your daily shield.  


For most people, a gel-cream moisturiser is the preferred choice for wearing during the day instead of something super-rich. Pure Oxygen Radiant Glow Moisture Infusion delivers pure oxygen and vitamin C to re-energise and rehydrate skin. A smart investment before and after the baby arrives. 

BEAUTY PIE Pure Oxygen Radiant Glow Moisture Infusion


Normally you might dial down your SPF to 25 during the winter, but if you’re pregnant, it’s best to stick with a 50 to avoid any unnecessary UV damage. Super Healthy Skin(TM) Featherlight UVA/UVB SPF50 Sunscreen + Primer is super lightweight and absorbs fast to protect skin without clogging pores. 


Double cleanse

If you’ve been wearing makeup or SPF, a double cleanse is recommended to make sure you’ve fully removed the day. You can use the same cleanser twice (like Japanfusion Pure Transforming Cleanser) or use a balm like Super Healthy Skin Hot Oil Double Cleansing Balm to melt away daily grime followed by a foamy cleanser like Super Healthy Skin Gentle Foamy Facial Wash to clear your pores. 

Exfoliating acid

Spring clean your skin with the help of Dr Glycolic Pore-Purifing Glow Tonic. It will not only smooth your complexion for dewier skin but also help keep breakouts at bay. Use once or twice a week initially, building up if your skin is happy. Remember, your skin may be more sensitive during pregnancy than it was previously. 

Hydrating serum

Skin always functions better when it’s hydrated, and it’s natural to become dehydrated during pregnancy. Triple Hyaluronic Acid Lipopeptide Serum delivers three different weights of hyaluronic acid to the skin along with peptides (a gentler anti-ageing alternative to retinol) for impressive hydration and plumping. 

Facial oil

Beauty Pie's Super Healthy Skin Amazing Sleep Oil is rich in omega 3s, evening primrose, and borage oils as well as linoleic and essential fatty acids. It works to nourish skin and leave it supple. It is suitable for all skin types but you might want to skip it if your skin is very oily. Dry skin will reap the most benefits. 


Nighttime is your opportunity to cocoon skin in goodness to help it repair while you rest. Plantastic Deep Nourishing Moisture Balm has a smoothing gel-cream feel and is packed with nourishing butters and oils. Use it on your face and around your bump too. 


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