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BEAUTY PIE’s Dermatologist Reveals His ‘Six Letters’ Of Great Skin

For your best-ever complexion, six letters are all you need, says leading dermatologist Dr Andrew Markey: ABCSPF™. Find out how it’s done...

BEAUTY PIE Resident Dermatologist Dr Andrew Markey

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The one thing Dr Andrew Markey - world-renowned dermatologist and BEAUTY PIE’s Consultant Dermatologist in Residence - believes is that skincare shouldn’t be complicated. So he’s developed a skin-transforming routine to start anyone off on a full-blown healthy skin overhaul, at any time. It's a 6-week program that's set to become known as your skincare alphabet: ABCSPF™.

“If you think about ageing skin, what’s at the heart of it is damage,” Dr Markey explains. “And there are three skincare ingredients which work beautifully together to help slow down the ageing process. And conveniently they just so happen to be called A, B and C. Add in an SPF every single day - and your ABCSPF™ routine is complete.”

“ABC+SPF should be the absolute backbone of any active skincare routine*, all year round. Every step builds collagen. Of course you’ll still need cleansers and serums and moisturisers - but these actives are your ‘must-haves’.” - Dr Andrew Markey

Ready to try?

We're so passionate about the smoothing, brightening, youth-boosting and general, all-round rejuvenating effects of this routine that we’ve made it super-easy for you to get going. There are three Dr Markey-approved ABCSPF™ kits to choose from, depending on your skin: Sensitive, Original and Advanced.

“The ideal for me would be that people would start off with either the sensitive kit for six weeks, then graduate to the original - or if your skin doesn’t generally show signs of sensitivity, go straight in with the Original. Then - so long as your skin isn’t showing any signs of dryness or redness - after another six weeks, you can try the Advanced kit.”

You can order the complete kit right now by just clicking below.

Dr Markey ABCSPFT Starter Skincare Kit


Skin generally well-behaved? Try the Original ABCSPF™ Kit

Every morning, cleanse and prep skin with cleanser and mist, then follow with:

  • The 'B': Superdrops Brightening Niacinamide (10%)

  • The 'C': Superactive Capsules Pure Double Vitamin C & Vitamin E Serum, then add your skin-type specific moisturiser** and finish with Super Healthy Skin™ Featherlight UVA/UVB SPF 50 Sunscreen + Primer

Every night cleanse and prep skin with cleanser and mist, then follow with:

Do this for SIX weeks straight (that’s ONE skin cycle) and then either graduate to Advanced level, or stick with this!

*and we’d suggest Super Retinol Eye Cream, but we forgot to put it in the kit, so you’ll have to add it separately - SORRY!

If you're sensitive...

“This kit contains BEAUTY PIE’s lowest-concentration retinol product which is a great starter dose of retinol. It’s perfect for sensitive skin,” says Dr Andrew Markey.

When it comes to the Retinol step, he advises starting off with a quarter of a fingertip of product, which is around two pumps. “Apply that two nights a week for a couple of weeks. Then if your skin is happy, increase it so that you’re applying it every other night, then after a couple more weeks, you can increase it to every night.”

The Step-by-Step

Every morning, cleanse and prep skin with cleanser and mist, then follow with:

Every night cleanse and prep skin with cleanser and mist, then follow with:

Dr Markey ABCSPF Sensitive Skin Kit


Ready to go Next-Level?

Already using retinol? This is for you. “The Advanced kit is something you can graduate to after you’ve worked through lower-dose retinoid products. I like to measure application in 6-week skin cycles, so ensure you have been using Retinol for at least six weeks before you try this.

The Step-by-Step

Every morning, cleanse and prep skin with cleanser and mist, then follow with:

Every night cleanse and prep skin with cleanser and mist, then follow with:

Dr Markey's ABCSPF Advanced Skincare Kit


* if you are pregnant, cut out the Retinols, and go only ‘BCSPF'!

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