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Dr Markey On His New Youthbomb Cream

Dr Markey On His New Youthbomb Cream

Written by Nicola Moulton

13 Oct 2022

Dr Markey on his new Youthbomb Cream

Dr Markey! You’ve created another Youthbomb™. Tell us about it.

"The new Youthbomb™ Biologic Collagen Peptide Cream helps preserve, stimulate and boost the collagen in your skin. We’ve created it to be a really deluxe, really high-performance moisturiser that you can just drop in as an alternative to whatever your current favourite moisturiser is."

Who should use the new Youthbomb cream?

"Anyone who’s beginning to notice visible changes in their skin that they believe to be caused by ageing or who’s troubled with dry, rough skin."

What’s in the cream?

It’s got Peptides, which work directly on boosting the skin’s collagen levels.  You've got lots of collagen-boosters. You’ve got lots of barrier-repairing ingredients. It’s packed full of ingredients that have an antioxidant effect, to help with things like sun damage. It's got magical Niacinamide which is one of my master molecules - which increases the ceramides in the skin. It’s got anti-glycation ingredients to help boost skin’s suppleness."

"One of the peptides, as well as helping to build collagen, also has a mild, topical Botulinium Toxin-like effect because it helps to soothe the muscle contractions that can cause those active expression lines.  In addition to all the above, you have lovelycocooning, moisturising Shea butter, the Jojoba oil and Glycerin,So you've got a combination of moisturising and barrier-soothing agents."

"So if the Youthbomb Radiance Concentrate was the ‘secret sauce’, this is what I call a ‘moisturiser with benefits.’"

BEAUTY PIE Youthbomb™ Duo

How do you describe the texture?

"There's a whole mixture of beautiful hydrating ingredients; there's Jojoba Oil; there's Glycerin; there's Shea butter - all of which produce a sumptuous moisturising balm, and give that beautiful cocooning, comforting hydration. It's very very intensely hydrating but without feeling too heavy. It’s a very clever formulation which makes it sort of feel a bit like a cream, a bit like a gel, a bit sort of ‘whipped’ and smooth and not at all greasy."

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The Youthbomb cream contains Niacinamide. If people are following your ABC+SPF routine, are you happy for that to tick off the ‘B’ part - or would you also recommend that people use the Niacinamide drops?

"This is a good question. The short answer is: either way is fine. If you want to keep your life slightly simpler, you can drop the Niacinamide drops and get the Niacinamide from the Youthbomb cream, where it’s included at 2%. But if you’re enjoying the Niacinamide Superdrops, there’s absolutely no need to stop - and as I always recommend mixing them in with your Vitamin C step, they don’t actually make your routine much longer or more complicated."

Read more about Dr Markey's ABC+SPF Routine.

When should you use the new Youthbomb Biologic-Collagen Peptide Cream?

"If you look at the clinical results of the cream, it has very, very long lasting hydration effects - so you can use it day or night and really feel the moisturising benefits. Of course if you're using a moisturising SPF during the day, some people find that they don't need a richer daytime moisturiser. If that’s you, then certainly you might want to think about using the Youthbomb cream at night. But if your skin is drier, or gets dehydrated, you will certainly get the benefit of using it morning and night."

BEAUTY PIE Resident Dermatologist Dr Andrew Markey

At night, would you apply the Youthbomb cream before or after Retinol?

"After. For me, the most important thing you can do for your skin at night is to use Retinol. So first, apply your Super Retinol, then add the Youthbomb Cream afterwards. Why both? Becuase the Retinol is the master molecule, which can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of age spots and lines and wrinkles. And the Youthbomb cream gives this lovely extra burst of hydration."

"The moisturising ingredients, and particularly the Niacinamide, all help with barrier protection which can sometimes be a little bit reduced if you're using a Retinoid. So it's a very good idea to use both together as a really comprehensive and yet comforting evening routine."

And are there any complexions that you wouldn't use this cream on?

"No, it's completely safe in all age groups. If you have very greasy, oily skin, then you may not feel the need for a rich moisturiser. It is completely safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding. It really is a lovely cream. I’d encourage everyone to try it, and just see if they like it!"

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Here’s how Marcia suggests working the NEW Youthbomb cream in with Dr Markey’s ABC+SPF skincare routine -  if you’re going ALL IN.

In the mornings, after cleansing: apply your vitamins ‘B’ + ‘C’ - MK suggests Superdrops Brightening Niacinamide plus Superdose-C Rapid Action Power Brightener - plus the Youthbomb 360 Radiance Concentrate (you can mix them all together in your hand if you like). Follow with your usual daily moisturiser and - of course - SPF.

Then in the evenings: cleanse as usual, then apply the 360 Radiance Serum (if you want to use it twice a day) followed by your vitamin ‘A’ - Super Retinol Ceramide-Boost Anti-Aging Face Serum. Then as a final night time step, the NEW Youthbomb Biologic-Collagen Peptide Cream (it has a rich base, so a little goes a very long way.) Use for 60 days and your face will look just amazing.

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