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How To Wear The Sexy Berry Trio - by Pati Dubroff

How To Wear The Sexy Berry Trio - by Pati Dubroff

Written by Nicola Moulton

17 Nov 2021

How to Wear the BEAUTY PIE Sexy Berry Trio

Sometimes, a makeup shade comes along that becomes beauty legend - and that’s exactly what’s happened with Sexy Berry - the incredible, suits-everyone, deep pink-meets-berry-red-meets-deep-rose-petal shade that uber makeup artist Pati Dubroff originally created for BEAUTY PIE last year. The kit it came in was an instant sell-out - but now this standout makeup must have is BACK, as an essential Sexy Berry trio for cheeks and lips.

Sexy Berry is back! It originally appeared in the sell-out kit you created in early 2021. Why do you think people love that shade so much?

As a cheek color, I think people really respond to it because it mimics such a natural flush – so it’s very flattering on the complexion. It also has this complexity which means it has both warmer and cooler tones to it, so it works well on a range of skin tones.

And as a lip color, it’s just a really wearable, flattering color. More than a nude but less than a statement lip – it just sort of gives you that perfect bit of polish.

How would you describe the Sexy Berry shade?

The name ‘Sexy Berry’ says it all! It really is a beautiful berry shade. And with a berry, there’s a lot going on – it’s not just a blue-tone, it also has a tiny bit of brown to it; it can read a little cool on some, it can read a little bit warm on others – so it’s a tone that is very wearable and has beautiful depth for sure.

Sexy Berry Shade 1

How did you create the new Sexy Berry trio?

We’ve brought back the Shine Up Lip Balm Colour Stick and the Supercheek Cream Blush, both of which were in the original kit. And this time we’ve added a Wondergel Long Wear Lip Liner in Sexy Berry too, for when you want to make the lip a bit more of a statement.

Can you wear all three together?

Oh, FOR SURE! I mean absolutely! That’s like the most beautiful, harmonious monochromatic, perfect face! I love that the Sexy Berry lip can be worn sheer by just using the Shine Up Lip Balm Colour Stick, or you can build it up by adding the lip liner too – which really creates a stronger and more ‘present’ lip.

BEAUTY PIE Sexy Berry Trio

So what would be the perfect Sexy Berry lip for you?

I’d apply the Shine Up Lip Balm Colour Stick first, because I don’t like to drag a lip pencil across a dry lip. I’d kind of press it into the lips – I often say I just ‘smush’ it in – with my finger, and then use the lip pencil not just around the edges of the lips, but also filling in the perimeters of the lip, giving a little more depth and coverage.

Then I would apply a couple more coats of the Shine Up Lip Balm. If I’m going super-polished I would use a lip brush [Editor’s note: alternatively you can use the BEAUTY PIE Shape & Smudge Eyeshadow Brush] to blend it out, so that the lipstick and the liner become totally seamless.

And what’s your favorite way to apply the Supercheek Cream Blush?

If you’re using foundation or tinted moisturizer, apply the cream cheek while things are still moist. I dab it on with my fingers, just along the cheekbones, then add a light dusting of powder over the top. Some people like to top it off with a powdery blush on top – but I actually like to top it off with another coat of the creamy cheek, but this time using a really fine stipple brush to apply. [Editor’s note: a BEAUTY PIE Shape & Smudge Eyeshadow Brush is your friend here too]. I prefer this because cream colors just somehow have a bit more life to them, and I like to make sure that that element’s still there.

What would be a great autumn/winter look using the Sexy Berry trio?

For autumn and winter, I like it when a berry shade feels very evident - you shouldn’t be shy with it.

I would put on a good couple of layers of the Supercheek Cream Blush using your fingers, so you have that crisp, flushed look – an ‘in from the cold’ kind of vibe. I think that’s really beautiful in winter months, and brings life back to the face when your skin can feel kind of sallow. Having a nice flush that looks like you’ve been on a brisk walk is really flattering.

And even though I do love the Sexy Berry cheek with the matching lip, I think in autumn you can also go for a stronger lip, like an aubergine or bordeaux shade. [Editor’s note: Futurelipstick™ Matte in Loveberry works insanely well for this.]

BEAUTY PIE Sexy Berry Model Shot

And how could you amp up Sexy Berry for a party?

Well for a party, I always love glitter on my eyes – but that’s just me! I’m all for a sparkly something on the eye. [Editor’s note: the Push Your Luxe palette has some incredible metallic shades that are perfect for bringing a chic bit of dazzle to your look.]

Obviously a clear, open, mascara-ed eye can look pretty, and let the look be all about that berry flush – but I also think a smoky eye and a berry lip can look very intriguing and dramatic. I love a smoky eye created using brown and berry shades. Then I’d make the Sexy Berry lip more prominent and blurred a little bit, and just leave it at that. I really love the warmth of the brown smokey eye with the berry lip - there’s just a beautiful balance about it. I guess really it just depends how much you want to add to the drama!

Any other autumn makeup essentials?

If you’re just focusing on the lip and the cheek, make sure your brows are well-groomed, especially if you’re keeping the eyes clear and light and bright. And you’re good to go!


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