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Lip Serviced

How, here at BEAUTY PIE, we think about lips.

Lip serviced product selection

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With an estimated 12% rise in lip colour cosmetic sales, making the category worth £306 million a year in the UK and set to hit $8.6 billion in the US by 2019 (while other sectors of retail – like apparel and fast fashion - plummet) we at BEAUTY PIE are betting on a trend we’ve dubbed ‘lipstick relief’. After the general morale-destroying, iconoclastic onslaught that was 2016, what more glamorous form can protest take than via making your mouth both more heard and more seen?

In fact, power lipstick has become the statement weapon of the modern woman’s makeup wardrobe. And any NPD Team (that’s New Product Development, industry-speak for the maestros who pick, polish and produce your cosmetics) knows this - along with the fact that choice is Queen - and that the perfect lip collection is the product of careful curating.

So at BEAUTY PIE, after shopping our suppliers around the globe for the best lip product textures (mattes, shimmers, satins, glosses, oils) we team up with great makeup artists to help us perfect every shade, and then stamp them as ‘final’ only when they classify as our own new favourites.

In our launch line-up for lips, for example, we’ve focused on the most beautiful, easy neutrals with high-tech natural waxes and precision colour polymers (Italian), smooth-velvety statement-making mattes (also Italian), not-at-all-sticky hybrid gel-oil-cushion-matrix glosses, and show-stopping shades (whether for you that means bold & bright or sexy & subtle, or just perfectly naked).

NPD Assistant and self-professed lipstick addict Natalie Taylor takes it further. “Great doesn’t cut it here”, she says, a little haughty, one eyebrow noticeably up.

“I mean, we get hundreds of lip product submissions. If something doesn’t stand out as obviously best, or top of class, or bowl us over – glossy, lightweight, futuristic, cushioned, gorgeous, what’s the point of adding it to the PIE?“

What’s on our radar next? We favour a continuous two-pronged approach: to find the best in trend lip supply, the textures and shades that are fun but maybe frivolous but have the ‘right now’ right looks, and to always improve the beautiful basics - with innovation, new technology, and ever-better ingredients, whether in liners, sticks, glosses or balms, so BEAUTY PIE girls have always got something to love.

Do you have a die-hard favourite lipstick that we haven’t yet displaced? Please tell us about it.


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