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Jenna Lyons Talks Lipsticks

Jenna Lyons Talks Lipsticks

Written by Nicola Moulton

26 Sep 2022

Jenna Lyons Talks Lipsticks

For the launch of her latest collaboration with BEAUTY PIE, we sat down with fashion icon and lipstick obsessive, Jenna Lyons to discuss her love of lipstick, her search for the perfect nude shade and how she created Unlipstick™, a range of eight perfectly undone, sheer lip shades.

Jenna on discovering the joy of lipstick

“I know *exactly* when I discovered lipstick. I was in seventh grade. My art teacher gave me a book called ‘Antonio's Girls’, by a fashion illustrator called Antonio Lopez. That book had a huge impact on me because before that, I had grown up thinking that the only women who were beautiful were just sort of conventionally attractive. And I noticed,in so many of the images the women were wearing this beautiful bright red lipstick and  I thought it was just so glamorous and exciting and modern.”

The ‘Lipstick’ Effect

“I would say I have always worn lipstick with intention. When I want to feel more polished or pulled together or when I want someone to pay attention to me. I remember when I was at JCrew [she was creative director and president], every time we had a board meeting, or something to present,  I would wear a bright red lipstick because I felt like it gave me a kind of presence. And I think red lips can make you feel bright and happy.”

How to Style Lipstick

How To ‘Style’ A Lipstick

“There are a few things that I think about: the glasses I’m wearing; the mood I’m in and the clothes I’m wearing. If I’m not feeling great in myself, like if I'm feeling a little bit low or feel a little sick, I know that as soon as you put red lipstick on and a little bit of blush, you look healthier. It’s a natural fact! And it’s quick and easy. A red lip and a little blush and you're like, like ‘I look better already’!”


“Believe me, I’ve worn a lot of lipsticks in my time and the texture of these is just fantastic. It feels more like a balm really, but then gives this gorgeous veil of color. So if you just want to do a kind of blotted look, or a blurred edge, you can do that so effortlessly. It has a really great payoff, but it’s not a dead flat matte. It's feels really new and different from traditional lipsticks. It’s a softer expression.”

BEAUTY PIE & Jenna Lyons Lip Liners

Jenna On Lip Liners

We did the lip liners because sometimes I like a really precise lip. You can also really amp the color up if you apply lip liner all over your lips, not just round the edges. Sometimes, for me, without lip liner a lipstick can look a little unfinished, particularly for an event or a photograph. There's something really nice about having that sort of perfect line, that perfect finish. 

The Unlipstick™ Refills

I love the fact that you can buy the case case and just refill it with a new lipstick bullet each time. We're still making a product, but we’re acknowledging that and trying to lessen the impact of what we create. Being thoughtful around the approach and being conscious of what you're doing and what you're making is important, and the more that consumers and brands insist on that, the more it will be possible to do this. I think everything should be refillable!

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The Jenna Lyons Look

If I’m going for a nude lipstick like Nothing On, I’d probably wear it with the Kate or Iris lashes from my collection, as they are very delicate. 

  • I always do a little bit of a caramel color on my eyes as a shadow always because it makes them look little bit deeper 

  • I have my brows microbladed because I don't have any. Plus I have to wear glasses so you never see my eyebrows anyway.

  • A little bit of blush is always nice to just brighten you up. 

  • And then also concealer up the wazoo because Lord knows I need it!


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