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Q&A with MK #1 - Ceramides, Candles & Korean Cleansing

Q&A with MK #1 - Ceramides, Candles & Korean Cleansing

Written by Marcia Kilgore

1 Jun 2022

Q&A with MK: Volume One

Each week, we pick out some of the questions that have been posted - from the most requested to the downright niche - and Marcia talks through her expert advice on an Instagram live session. And in case you miss it: we take notes. Lots of notes. Here's what we learned this week...

Q. What are your recommendations for reducing acne scarring or post-breakout marks?

The best products for helping prevent long-term acne scarring and pigmentation marks, in my experience, are those with actives that help tackle inflammation, and melanin formulation. So the Super Healthy Skin Moisture Lotion (use it as a serum, it’s just incredible for soothing) our C Suite Rapid Action Power Brightening Vitamin C Drops, our Niacinamide Super Drops (every morning), a couple of treatments a week with our Oxygen Mask, and regular Super Retinol use, to stimulate regular healthy CELL TURNOVER. And of course Sunscreen. In fact, Dr Markey’s ABCSPF system is a great place to start, if you’re not on it already.

Q. Will the Casa Coco Candle be returning this summer?

The Casa Coco Candle is NOT returning this Summer, HOWEVER, there’s a LOT of exciting candle news. First. A Limited Edition of a beautiful Summer Candle called Praia Paraiso will hit the warehouses in June. And it’s spectacular. And if you were a Casa Coco fan, you’ll love it equally, but I suggest stocking up as our Summer candles are generally ‘in and out’. Second , because our BIRTHDAY CANDLE is one of those nonstop popular items, we’re working with our candle supplier on something special for everyone to treat themselves to on their birthdays (watch this space). Third, a big shipment of my favorite Redcurrant & Fig candle is back in the warehouse. If you haven’t tried it, maybe treat yourself. And due to the tremendous popularity of the Fleurosa scent (it’s a gorgeous tuberose), while it was originally planned as a Limited Edition, we’ve ordered and received another shipment!

Q. Has the Ceramide capsules formula changed? They smell different and the capsule feels firmer.

The Superactive Ceramide Capsules have not changed in formula, except that we’ve removed the fragrance, as requested by many sensitive-skinned members, who have been the ones most likely to buy them. The capsule may be slightly firmer as there is always a tolerance from batch to batch in production, but the capsule is still made of alginates (so seaweed), is still 100% biodegradable, and the formulation still delivers on the same job of intensive barrier repair.

Q. How do I know which mist is right for me? They all seem to promote hydration.

Excellent question about our mists, and in fact, you’re right. They do all promote hydration, barrier repair, and skin plumping, but through different ingredient combinations - so you can’t go wrong, no matter which one you pick. In a nutshell? Japanfusion Energy Essence Mist is more focused on antioxidant and hydrating. Jeju Rehydration+ Mist is focused on SOOTHING and hydrating. Triple Hyaluronic Acid Mist is more about plumping/filling and hydrating. And Uber Youth Mist-On-Serum is focused on the skin’s microbiome/desensitising/barrier repair/lifting and of course, hydrating. All are amazing formulas. And fun to experiment, mix and match, until you find your favourite.

Q. Is the JapanFusion Cleanser meant to be used as a first or second cleanse?

You can use Japanfusion Cleanser as your first cleanse, your second cleanse,
or both. It’s a super effective, all-skin-type-suitable cleanser that not only removes makeup in a flash, but can act as a deeper cleanser if you want to take more time and really massage it in.

Q. Can I use the Korean Super Facial Brush without damaging my sensitive skin?

Yes. It’s not a brush that spins or scrubs, it’s a kinetic cleanser, so works through deep vibration to dislodge dead cells and oils. It’s also sealed so can be used in the shower, if that’s easier for you. I’ve also found that giving one to reticent-to-groom teenagers gives them a fun way to take care of their face (combine the brush a few times a week with Dr Glycolic Cleanser on oily skin and acne, and add Niacinamide Drops and Superdose C Moisture Cream - it’s like a miracle!). Of course if you’ve got broken capillaries or extreme rosacea, you want to avoid too much stimulation, but it’s perfectly safe to use, and will not harm or damage your skin!

Q. How do I know if I should be using Supplement containing live bacteria?

You might be an obvious candidate, if you have signs of gut microbiome imbalance: food intolerances, bloating and digestive issues, and sensitivity. Marcia also often finds a connection between people with unhealthy skin, and ‘poor digestion or a sensitive stomach’, and new research points to the gut/brain link - the microbiome influencing how we feel! Read up by doing some Googling.

Q. I bought the The Perfect Waterproof Mascara and I can’t get it off my eyelashes!

We tried to warn everybody about this in the launch email! The Perfect Waterproof Mascara, it doesn’t budge. Which is why we put a kit together of the Mascara and the Remover, and recommended you buy both. Remember to shake the remove before application (so the oil phase is mixed with the water phase), then apply a few drops to your fingertips and massage directly onto your lashes for the best breakdown!

Q. I heard you mention something about an invisible blurring powder. What was it?

The Uberlucent Universal One Powder Wonder. Sometimes we forget to talk about it, because it’s been a steady ‘repeat order’ for us since we launched Beauty Pie five years ago. It’s made in the leading makeup lab in Italy. With invisible refractive technology that blurs imperfections, and blots shine, but without appearing on the skin like powder. (It’s almost uncanny how well it works, without make you look at all ‘made up’.) I highly recommend having a couple of compacts in your arsenal (one in the handbag, the other in your bathroom) at all times. Use it with the Large All Over Face Powder Brush after sunscreen and any face makeup. It’s subtle, but amazing.

MK holds regular Q&A sessions on Instagram - follow us there to ask yours, and find out when the next session is @beautypie


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