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Jenna Lyons x BEAUTY PIE

Jenna Lyons x BEAUTY PIE

Written by Nicola Moulton

27 Sep 2022

BEAUTY PIE x Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons is the NY-based style guru whose personal style and trends expertise have led her to being crowned ‘the woman who dressed America’. Her first BEAUTY PIE Collab resulted in sellout shades of Wondercolour x Jenna Lyons nail varnishes - and now she’s back, with a totally new, totally incredible Unlipstick™. Eight perfectly-curated shades. Five mix-and-match lip liners. Creamy. Dreamy. Matte and just a little ‘blurry’. It’s the lipstick you’ve been waiting for your whole life.


Find Your Unlipstick™

There’s the perfect creamy nude for your skin tone. The modern red, with just a hint of orange to brighten your complexion. A great pink to throw on with jeans and a shirt. Wear them ‘done’, with a precise lip line - or ‘undone’ with a blurry, ‘pressed-in’ look. Natural, for all day wear, but buildable, if you want to go ‘bold’. Be unassuming. Understated. Or unapologetic. Wear Unlipstick™.

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Jenna on Perfect Pinks (& the Iconic 'Jenna' Shade)

1. Jenna (the juicy orange) - “This one has my name because I’m all about a great, bright orangey-red lip. If ever I have to have pictures taken, this is what I’ll wear. It’s my picture lipstick!”

2. Lipstick Pink (the berry pink) - “I call this a joyful pink. It’s that joy in wearing a great lipstick and having it light up your face, making you look and feel a little bit more gorgeous.”

3. Winner (the rose pink) - “This is your classic ‘ballet dancer’ soft pink. But it’s not a pale, wallflower color - it has a presence to it, a little bit of an edge.”

...And on the Nudes

4. Nothing On (the peachy nude) - “This is my perfect nude - my ‘Unlipstick™’ lipstick!”

5. Crushed Petal (the nude pink) - “I call this a vintage pink. I’d have satin sheets made out of it if I could.”

6. Sheer Mocha (the deep nude) - “I love a nude lipstick but I’m so aware that my nude is not the same as everyone else’s. This nude is gorgeous for deeper skin tones, and on me it looks like a deep berry, which I love.”

...And the Statement Reds

7. Strike While It’s Hot (the bright, orangey red) - “This is a variation on my classic bright red lip. It’s got a real depth to it and it just seems to work on every skin tone.”

8. Cherry Cherry (the true red) - “This one is the most serious and dramatic. It’s an ‘event’ lipstick! It would look incredible at any age.”

The nude colors were really important to me, so we spent a lot of time finding really beautiful, nude versions for a bunch of different skin tones.

Jenna Lyons

The Lipstick You Can Refill

The Unlipsticks™ come as eco-friendly refills, perfectly-sized to fit the chic, recylced aluminium Keep This™ lipstick case. (To refill, just click out the old lipstick bullet by simply pulling its plastic case upwards to release it, then click your next refill straight in.)

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I would say I wear lipstick with intention; I wear it when I want to feel more polished or want someone to pay attention to me. Lipstick bestows a kind of presence. It gives your face a focal point that makes people take notice.

Jenna Lyons

Grab a Kit

Get a gorgeous Unlipstick™ plus refillable case and matching lip liner. Our creamy, dreamy, sheer-tinted Unlipstick™ paired with a perfectly-coordinated Wondergel Lip Liner. Also included: the chic, polished recycled aluminium Keep This™ lipstick case - which you can refill with our Unlipstick™ shades as many times as you like.

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New at BEAUTY PIE: Jenna's Own Loveseen Lashes

Because nothing quite beats a killer lipstick and a great pair of lashes, BEAUTY PIE will now offer Jenna’s LoveSeen lashes in the JACK, NOOR and LEVI, plus a lash applicator - her secret weapon. These will be ‘guest star’ items from September 2022. Available for a limited time only! Model Lydia is wearing the NOOR lashes.

Shop LoveSeen Lashes


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© 2023 Beauty Pie. All rights reserved.From The New York Times. © 2020 The New York Times Company. All rights reserved. Used under license.