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High Intensity Hydration

The ultimate instant skin glow booster.

‎These super-skin-moisture-plumping SUPERDROPS are like magic. With Hyaluronic Acid, black oat Aqua Rich extract (ultra-hydrating), water-binding Saccharide Isomerate (super soothing) and Ficucell Vita (to help boost visible firmness and elasticity). Massage a few drops onto clean skin under any mask or moisturizer to give your skin a super-hydrated glow. Made in one of the best skincare labs in Switzerland.

30 ml

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Made in Switzerland

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, to boost hydration. Excellent to apply on both your face and neck.


‎Easy-to-layer super-moisture-plumping custom moisture drops.

Key Benefit by Ingredient

4% Aqua Rich

Extracted from black oat and unsaturated phospholipids, which act in synergy to bind moisture to the skin and support the skin barrier. In in-vivo tests of AQUA RICH, skin hydration is improved even after 24 hours

5% Saccharide Isomerate

A powerful soothing molecule with excellent water retaining properties, it reduces skin dryness by binding to the keratin layers, and provides intense, lasting hydration to make rough skin appear softer

0.1% Hyaluronic Acid

A powerful super-hydrating humectant that can attract up to 1000X its weight in water , and which is celebrated for helping improve visible suppleness, elasticity and tone

0.5% Ficucell-Vita

Is an optimised blend of Optuntia Ficus Indica cultured stem cells and extract. Clinical testing shows that it can help boost the appearance of skin firmness and elasticity.

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© 2022 Beauty Pie. All rights reserved.