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Flash Face Lift

An anti-aging dream team - in a dropper bottle.

‎For state-of-the-art visible-wrinkle smoothing, firming and remodelling, use these Superdrops daily for 6 weeks, and you may just agree that they’re a miracle. They’re infused with 2.5% Syn-Hycan - a super anti-aging Peptide to help visibly firm, fill, plump and tone; 3.0 Matrixyl™ Morphomics - a multi-functional anti-wrinkle Tri-Peptide Matrikine; plus, powerful ROS-neutralizing Plant Stem Cell Tripeptides and super-hydrating Hyaluronic Acid for a gorgeous, healthy glow. Drop onto clean skin once or twice daily, under moisturiser.

30 ml

Made in Switzerland

Suitable for all skin types, formulated for mature skin


‎Easy-to-layer super-moisture-plumping custom moisture drops. ‎+ Helps visibly firm and fill, plump and tone. With 2.5% PRO-LIFT TRIPEPTIDE (SYN-HYCAN) ‎+ Powerful antioxidant. With .5% NATURAL PLANT-CELL TRIPEPTIDES ‎+ Unprecedented line-fighting. With state-of-the-art anti-wrinkle peptides, focused on improving the appearance - after 6 weeks’ use- on crow’s feet and vertical lines (frown lines, marionette lines, nasegenian fold). With 3% MATRIXYL MORPHOMICS Palmitoylated Tripeptide Lysyl-Histidyl-Glycine with a grafted proline on the lysine

Key Benefit by Ingredient

+ 2.5% Ssyn-Hycan A super anti-aging peptide to help visibly firm and fill, plump and tone

+ 3% Matrixyl™ Morphomics A multi-functional anti-wrinkle tri-peptide matrikine

+ Powerful ROS Neutralizing Plant Stem Cell Tripeptides

+ Hyaluronic Acid Super-hydrating


Clean Beauty

Cruelty Free

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