Non Touring

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WORDS BY Grace Timothy


The new low-maintenance way to light and shape your face

Non Touring Meaning

As in ‘Your skin looks amazing! Facial? New Man?’ ‘Nope, I’ve been hiding those weekend martinis with non-touring!’


If contouring has chiselled us new cheekbones and strobing has lit up our faces up for the selfie-flash, non-touring is the softly-softly approach of combining both techniques but dialling them down to achieve a sexy-subtle sheen. Beauties everywhere are eschewing last-year’s heavily defined, multi-layered look for pulled back ponytails and a complexion that’s cleaner and less ‘done’. It’s the no-makeup makeup look that’s totally trending.

The real joy of non-touring is that it doesn’t require that much makeup. It’s a lighter and - crucially - daytime-friendly look. (Sun-starved or not, most of us spend our eight hours under unflattering fluorescents and when your face has a bunch of bronzy contour build-up, the overall effect isn’t really that fresh.) With non-touring, you radiate ‘super-healthy’, luminous, gamine even. Like you’ve just left your favourite facial place. With the right products, any girl can NON-TOUR.


First, prep your skin with our Bio-Infusion Breathable Primer. It’s ultra-light, with hydrating coconut water and moisturizing oils, for a silky, flawless canvas on your skin. Next, mix a drop of our Triple Beauty Liquid Luminizer into your favourite shade of our Brightening Micro-Mineral Serum Foundation, dab it down the centre of your face and blend it out. Brush our Pro-Glow Highlighter onto the highest planes of your face – the cheekbones, brow bones, the bridge of your nose and your cupid’s bow, or - if you like - use subtle colour (try our Quantum Bronzer) across the apples of the cheeks for that LA-girl interpretation…


Non-touring is the ultimate ‘pure skin’ finish, so if you must add makeup, it’s perfectly paired with a very subtle slick of mascara (we’d suggest our Uber Volume Boost formula), brushed-up, natural brows and matte lips. But if you’re taking your glowing face out to cocktail hour or beyond, you can throw in a smudge of eyeliner (like Supercolour Kohl Eyeliner) right into the roots of your lashes along the upper and lower lashline. It’s soft enough to smudge, and perfect for that rock & roll easy sexy lived-in look.

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