What Everybody Wants To Know About Beauty Pie's New Supplements

BEAUTY PIE teamed up with ‘the hormone whisperer’ and celebrity super-nutritionist, Kay Ali, to launch the ultimate range of Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements.

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Q: Who are these supplements designed for and what were the key considerations when formulating them?

Kay: I formulated these products with both women and men’s health as a focus. We are all facing unprecedented physical and mental challenges and being healthy with a robust immune system is more important than ever. If you become sick, returning back to good health can be an expensive and all-consuming endeavour. And prevention is ALWAYS the best medicine.

For me these are all ‘essential optimal nutrients’ – rather than supplements – formulated to plug the gaps (that I increasingly come across) in our modern diets. To stay true to our mission, we developed superior formulations that are science-led; we’ve cut out all fillers / bulking agents / GMOs / artificial colours and preservatives; we offer only cutting-edge, effective supplements at affordable prices; and we use 100% recyclable packaging.

Q: How do you know if a supplement is high quality?

Kay: You have to formulate it to be sure. And that’s what I’ve done for BEAUTY PIE. We use biologically active and bioavailable compounds of vitamins and minerals to optimize absorption and cellular function. SUPERGUT, PERFECT DAILY Multivitamin and …LIKE SUN are vegan-friendly and gluten-free. All ingredients are all non-genetically modified (non-GMO). BIOMEGA 3 and COLLAGEN SUPER POWDER use wild marine ingredients and …LIKE SUN is suspended in extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil. None of our supplements contain any artificial colouring or preservatives. We go the whole nine yards to deliver the best quality available. For example, every batch we make of BIOMEGA 3 fish oil softgels is independently tested by the International Fish Oil Standards to provide members with an iron-clad guarantee that it’s super fresh, pure and free from oceanic contaminants. We research the most bioavailable compounds of nutrients and the most meaningful amounts to achieve a desired result to help inform all our formulations. This might mean they’re more expensive to make than typical supplements on the high-street, but it also means you can trust that we’ve made the best out there.

Q: Can you use all of the BEAUTY PIE vitamin supplements together?

Kay: Everything in our launch range can be used together. Of course, you can take too much Vitamin A, K, D and Omega 3, so if you’re currently taking other supplements, be careful you’re not overlapping any of these key elements. Also, if you’re on medication, please check with the doctor who prescribed them for any contraindications before you start.

Q: Should supplements be taken at specific times of the day

Kay: Yes! PERFECT DAILY and …LIKE SUN should be taken in the morning. This is especially important with Vitamin D, which is inversely associated with melatonin –your master sleep hormone. That means taking it in the morning signals to your body that it is the start of the day; taking it later or before bed could reduce your sleep quality. Everything else should fit into when supplementing is most convenient for you. It’s about creating healthy habits, routine and consistency for the best possible results.

Q: Are these supplements for women or for men? Are your supplements vegan? Non-GMO? Gluten-free? Soya-free?

Kay: We have formulated our supplements with both women and men in mind. SUPERGUT, PERFECT DAILY Multivitamin and …LIKE SUN are all vegan friendly (except COLLAGEN SUPER POWDER and BIOMEGA 3 which are suitable for pescatarians), and soya and gluten-free. BIOMEGA 3, …LIKE SUN, COLLAGEN SUPER POWDER and SUPERGUT are safe for pregnant women to use. However, if you have been prescribed aspirin or any other blood thinning medication throughout your pregnancy, you will need to consult with your prescribing doctor regarding BIOMEGA 3, as it will be contraindicated (meaning, you can’t use it). We also recommend that if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you avoid taking PERFECT DAILY Multivitamin. PERFECT DAILY contains Vitamin A, which when taken in excess has been linked to foetal abnormalities.

All ingredients are non-genetically modified (so non-GMO). BIOMEGA 3 and COLLAGEN SUPER POWDER use wild marine ingredients and …LIKE SUN is suspended in extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil.

SUPERGUT, PERFECT DAILY and …LIKE SUN are all vegan friendly. Biomega 3 and Collagen Super Powder are not suitable as they contain wild marine ingredients.

Q: Are your vitamin supplements organic?

Kay: Our BIOMEGA 2 and COLLAGEN SUPER POWDER contain wild marine, organic ingredients and …LIKE SUN is suspended in organic, extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil.

Q: Do BEAUTY PIE’s vitamin supplements contain artificial colouring or preservatives?

Kay: No, none of our supplements contain any artificial colouring or preservatives. PERFECT DAILY’s capsule shell is dyed using purple carrots and the pink in our COLLAGEN SUPER POWDER is from beets. We use natural Vitamin E as a preservative in our BIOMEGA 3 fish oil and …LIKE SUN softgels and we only employ actives with the highest possible bioavailability.

Q: Does Perfect Daily (Multivitamin) contain synthetic vitamins e.g. Folic Acid?

Kay: First, let’s define ‘synthetic’ as a compound that is not found naturally. For example, Folic Acid is 100% ‘synthetic’ but has a more bioavailable natural alternative called ‘methyltetrahydrofolate’. Perfect Daily’s blend is formulated with these types of ‘natural’ compounds.

However, even these alternative compounds have been extracted from a natural source and are replicated and concentrated in a lab, which technically is a synthetic process. That’s why focusing on the biological activity of a compound is far more valuable than questioning if it is synthetic or not. It’s more important to know if the nutrient is biologically active and which options deliver the best effect. These are the questions that guide our research and formulations and make them so effective.

Q: Does the Collagen Super Powder contain Vitamin C

Kay: Yes, our COLLAGEN SUPER POWDER has 250mg (per serving) of Vitamin C added, because Vitamin C is the only EFSA approved nutrient that contributes to normal collagen production in skin, bones, teeth and gums. It’s also a powerful antioxidant. It was important we delivered a high dose of Vitamin C as researchers (Michels et al in 2013) have demonstrated that skin tissue uptake occurs when plasma concentrations of Vitamin C are at peak levels.

Q: What source of collagen is used in the Collagen Super Powder?

Kay: Our collagen is sourced from the skin of sustainably caught wild cod, salmon, trout or haddock. Our supplier rotates the source to even out demand and only sources from ‘Friends of the Sea’ certified fisheries. The Marine Collagen Peptides were sourced from a randomized, double blind placebo, controlled and ex vivo study because it was important we formulated this product with Collagen Peptides that have data to inform possible results with long term use. This is also why we deliver it at 10,000mg per serving. It’s dairy free and suitable for pescatarians. To date, there aren’t any proven effective ingestible sources of collagen from plants, so we use wild fish as a source.

Q: Does …Like Sun (Vitamin D3) contain Vitamin K also?

Kay: Yes. …LIKE SUN delivers both biologically active Vitamin D3 with K2 in cold pressed olive oil. Vitamin K helps Vitamin D3 do one of its jobs more effectively, so I’ve bundled them together.

In order for your bones to maximize their calcium uptake, they need osteocalcin – a hormone released by osteoblasts (bone cells) to bind to calcium. But osteocalcin needs vitamin K2 to activate it and start the calcium binding process.

Vitamin K contributes to the maintenance of normal bones, which is why it is ideal when taken with vitamin D. There is preliminary data that shows it inhibits arterial calcification and arterial stiffening too. In fact, Braam et al in 2004 found that K2 combined with Vitamin D increased elasticity of vessels among postmenopausal women. This is why we believe taking vitamin D3 with K2 enhances its benefits. Think of the two as Thelma and Louise.

Q: How many cultures does the SuperGut probiotic contain

Kay: SUPERGUT delivers twelve beneficial bacterial strains at 50 billion Colony Forming Units (CFUs) including Lactobacillus Acidophilus DDS1 which has over 30 years of clinical research spanning over 200 clinical trials.

We intentionally excluded the prebiotics that are typically added to probiotic formulas such as FOS and GOS as we wanted to make a probiotic supplement that is FODMAP and GAPS compliant. This means that even the most sensitive of tummies can benefit from taking SUPERGUT. It’s also dairy-free and vegan friendly.

SUPERGUT delivers twelve proven probiotics at 50 billion CFUs of which 2 particular strains are of stellar scientific standing: Lactobacillus Acidophilus DDS-1 and Bifidobacterium lactis UAB1A-12.

Q: How are the probiotics gut-survivable in sufficient quantities?

Kay: SUPERGUT is made using delayed released encapsulation to guarantee sufficient quantities of live bacteria reach the colon.

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