What Makes Our 'Essential Optimal Supplements' Super?

Meet the nutritionist they call ‘The Hormone Whisperer’ and find out how she’s helped BEAUTY PIE create the world’s best nutritional supplements[1]

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Kay Ali - Functional Hormone Nutritionist

An introduction to Kay Ali

This glowing woman is Kay Ali – super nutritionist, supplements guru and our go-to for all things nutrition and health related. Kay is highly qualified and has an in-depth knowledge of diet, vitamins and nutrition.

Kay is a Functional Hormone Nutritionist, mBANT, rCNHC, and Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine. She has created – exclusively for BEAUTY PIE – her ideal multivitamin, a high-quality live culture blend, a carefully curated high-strength Omega 3 blend, a bioavailable Vitamin D3 and K2 capsule, and a premium, researched Collagen powder combined with Vitamin C and Biotin.

Why Kay Ali X BEAUTY PIE for nutrition?

Kay follows a functional nutritional approach to health and wellbeing. This is an integrative model that views your body systems as a whole, using a deep understanding of evidence-led nutrition to offer targeted support for healthy diet and lifestyle changes.

How did the idea for a BEAUTY PIE supplements range develop?

We always knew that we’d extend our offer into nutritional supplements because our founder, Marcia Kilgore, is a big advocate of ‘optimal nutrition uploading’, despite work, travel, juggling life a lot and a total dislike for oily fish – (it’s not for everybody, but our BiOmega 3 helps)[2]. So we had to find a like-minded expert who is as obsessive about nutrition as we are about beauty, and to confidently deliver the highest-quality supplements at the lowest possible prices.

Kay’s reputation as ‘The hormone whisperer’, alongside her qualifications and passion, made her the perfect person to partner with for this project.

What do vitamins have to do with beauty?

BEAUTY PIE’s mission is to inspire people to get more, and central to that is thriving and being in great health. So our goal was to deliver the highest-quality supplements at the most affordable prices possible.

Our nutritional supplement formulas are exclusive to us, are bio-optimised, are vegan (except our Collagen Super Powder and BiOmega 3 softgels which are suitable for pescatarians), and they have no unnecessary fillers, no bulking agents, and no artificial colours. Just as we’ve done with beauty, we wanted to democratise access to the best in wellness, and besides our Collagen Super Powder and BiOmega 3, have one foot in each field!

[1] At least we think so. [2] Food supplements are not intended to replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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