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The Unlipstick™ Shade Finder

The NY style guru Jenna Lyons curated eight perfect shades of Unlipstick™ - here’s how to meet your perfect match

Jenna Lyons - The Unlipstick™ Shade Finder

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“I chose these colours very carefully,” says style icon, fashion guru and lipstick obsessive Jenna Lyons, who has collaborated with BEAUTY PIE on a range of eight pitch-perfect lipstick shades for our new creamy, dreamy, sheer-and-demi-matte Unlipsticks™. For a start, she says, there had to be something for everyone. “The nude colours were also really important to me, because it’s important to have a good range of nudes. So, we spent a long time finding really beautiful, like, nude-nude versions for a bunch of different skin tones.”

Next, she has an exacting, creative director’s eye for colour. “I really don’t like lipstick colours with blue undertones,” she says. “I think if a red has too much blue, it can look draining, whereas any kind of orangey red is brighter on the face”. And finally, as a longtime fashion guru, she’s always thinking about a total look: “I think about how the colours will look next to other things, so for example an orangey red works better next to a gold necklace and details like that are important to me.”

BEAUTY PIE x Jenna Lyons Unlipstick

Here, Jenna shares the creative instincts that inspired the colours - how she’ll wear them, and how to choose the ones that will work for you.


Meet The Unlipstick™ Shades

BEAUTY PIE x Jenna Lyons Unlipstick Lipstick Pink

Lipstick Pink

Jenna says:

I call this a joyful pink, just that joy in wearing a great lipstick and having it light up your face and make you look and feel a little bit more gorgeous than you did before. It feels like old school rouge. It’s not sickly or girly, it’s pink but there’s something modern about. If you’re afraid of red (and you shouldn’t be), this is the one for you.

Looks great when: You’re pairing it with jeans or modern tailoring. Works on every skin tone.

Match With: Wondergel™ Lip Liner in Day Job


BEAUTY PIE x Jenna Lyons Unlipstick Crushed Petal

Crushed Petal

Jenna says:

This is not really pink at all, it’s kind of somewhere between a pink and a nude…or if it is, it’s more like a vintage pink - kind of like the third day of a peony where the flowers are fading a little bit. I’d have satin sheets made out of this if I could. I love it.

Looks great when: You want something a bit more than ‘nude’ but a little less than a ‘statment’ lip. It’s the perfect touch of polish - a great ‘office’ shade.

Match With: Wondergel™ Lip Liner in Rummy Pink


BEAUTY PIE x Jenna Lyons Unlipstick Winner


Jenna says:

This is your classic ‘ballet dancer’ soft pink. It’s the color of a tutu. But it’s not like a pale, wallflower color - it has a presence to it, a little bit of an edge. It looks amazing with the Day Job Lip Liner, but it also looks beautiful on its own. That’s what I love about all the UnLipstick shades - they can all be worn sheer, or with a lip liner layered underneath, so you’re getting two different expressions.

Looks great when: You’re doing fluttery lashes, a great brow and maybe a touch of a smoky eye.

Match With: Wondergel™ Lip Liner in Day Job


BEAUTY PIE x Jenna Lyons Jenna


Jenna says:

This one has my name because I’m all about a great, bright orangey-red lip. A lot of the red lipsticks I’ve loved over the years have had this same yellow undertone, which is why I wanted to create my own. Blue-reds can make your skin look duller. I always love wearing a red lip in summer. Nine times out of ten you’ll just look way better, especially if you’re a little bronze. If ever I have to have pictures taken, this is what I’ll wear. It’s my picture lipstick! And I love a really crisp red lip line, so I pair it with Racy. Racy Jenna! 

Looks great when: Jenna created this to suit every skin tone. Keep the rest of the makeup light, with just lashes, brows and a touch of blusher and bronzer. 

Match With:  Wondergel™ Lip Liner in Racy


BEAUTY PIE x Jenna Lyons Unli

Nothing On

Jenna says:

“This is my perfect nude - my ‘UnLipstick’ lipstick! It’s the colour my lips are, just turned up a notch. I especially love wearing a gorgeous creamy nude like this in summer, when your whole face is just a little bit bronzed - it gives that whole 70s Charlie’s Angel vibe which I really love.”

Looks great when: you have paler skin, or you want something that’s just one subtle notch up from ‘nude’ lips.

Match with: Wondergel™ Lip Liner in Vanilla Nude


BEAUTY PIE x Jenna Lyons Unlipstick Strike While It's Hot

Strike It While It's Hot

Jenna says:

This is a variation on my classic bright red lip. It’s got a real depth to it and it just seems to work on every skin tone. It gives you a radiance, but also a confidence. It’s something you could wear to get dressed up but also if you’re just throwing on a pair of jeans. I’d apply Racy lip liner all over the lips for a real strong, statement, screen siren lip.

Looks great when: You want to wear a red lip but don’t want to look too ‘done.’

Match With: Wondergel™ Lip Liner in Racy


BEAUTY PIE x Jenna Lyons Unlipstick™ Cherry Cherry Mia

Cherry Cherry

Jenna says:

This one is the most serious and dramatic. It’s an ‘event’ lipstick! It’s a strong red with a hint of pink, and it’s very timeless - would look incredible at any age. Sometimes you just need your lipstick to tell everyone you mean business, and when that moment calls, this is the one to go for. Wear it with Racy lipliner and go forth and conquer. 

Looks great when: You’re dressing up, or want an ‘autumn/winter’ version of a classic red. Looks incredible on darker skin tones. 

Match With: Wondergel™ Lip Liner in Racy


BEAUTY PIE x Jenna Lyons Unlipstick Sheer Mocha

Sheer Mocha

Jenna says:

I love a nude lipstick but I’m also so aware that my nude is not the same as everyone else’s nude. I work with an amazing girl called Elena and she has darker skin than I do so when I was working on the lipsticks, we tried a lot of shades out on her to find something that could be a great nude for her. We tried so many shades and nothing was doing it, then suddenly we tried this one and it was like: YES. It looked incredible, just that gorgeous polish and definition. On me it looks like a really deep berry, which I also love. 

Looks great when: You have a darker skin tone and want a really great classic nude, or a paler skin and want a deep berry shade.

Match With: Wondergel™ Lip Liner in Chai


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