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Quick Tips That Make Skin Look Flawless

Skincare and makeup tricks to look good, fast

Beauty Pie Superluminous undereye concealer before and after

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We love a quick beauty solution here at BEAUTY PIE. So when our Happiness Team just happened to mention how frequently members ask for quick beauty tips and tricks –  well, naturally we had to deliver!

Whether you’re overwhelmed by the range of options, or you simply over-slept, these fast fixes will turn your getting ready routine around in record time. 

Quick skincare and makeup tips.

10 minutes to Hydrate

Beauty Pie Japanfusion 10 minute sheet mask

Fuss-free and results-rich, BEAUTY PIE's Japanfusion™ Bio-Ceramide Deep Moisture Mask is an intensive moisture-maxing mask purifies, calms and adds instant radiance to skin – simplifying your skincare routine, stat. 

And for skin that sings, why not try Japanfusion™ 10-minute Sheet Mask – with Plant Squalene and Fission-Y, the nano-emulsion formula delivers deeper hydration, fast. Applied in the morning, make it your rescue mask for important days.

10 minutes to Purify

The mother of all mud masks, grab Super Detox Black Clay Mask when you’re in the mood for an immediate, and deeply satisfying, deep pore clean. An ally of oily and combination complexions, this skin–detoxer leaves skin feeling fresh and clean.

5 minutes to Resurface

Beauty Pie Fruitizyme AHA five minute facial

Our Fruitizyme™ Five Minute Facial is packed with dead-cell sloughing Glycolic Acids and Salicylic Acid, this DIY facial peel is so smooth, it’ll have unclogged your pores before you’ve finished reading this.

5 minutes to Protect

Multi-use beauty at its very best, Featherlight UVA/UVA SPF 50 is sunscreen, that doubles up as a primer. Applied everyday, not just on visibly sunny days, make it the final step in your skincare routine. It is also Non-Comedogenic (aka it won’t clog pores), so wait 60 seconds to fix before applying makeup, should you be in a makeup mood.


2 minutes to Radiance

Use the following steps to choose your primer depending on your daily skin needs:

  • All-in-Wonder Tinted Primer: For a ‘fresh-from-a-facial’ glow, laced with Vitamin E and packed with Diamond Core Powder, it’s illuminating, budge-proof and with instant results. 

  • Prefer to go tint-free? Consider Wonderfilter™ Velvet Primer, a matte-canvas-maker best applied post moisturiser, for a natural beauty ‘blur’. Use to soften the appearance of fine lines and large pores, worn alone or under foundation, it allows for better blending and a longer-lasting finish. 

  • For skin that glows, make Wonderfilter™ Brightening Primer your go-to. A dreamy skincare/makeup mashup, boasting 2% skin-brightening Niacinamide (suitable for all skin types) it's colour-correcting and lightweight, for long-lasting ‘lit-from-within’ skin. 

1 minute to Brighten

Like dark-circle lifting ‘underwear’, Superluminous Undereye Genius smooths fine lines and contains Micro-Pearls which scatter light and wake up tired eyes in an instant. A must for anyone wondering how to fake eight hours sleep (when you’ve only had three). 

 30 seconds to Perfect

BEAUTY PIE's One Powder Wonder™ & Brush is flaw-blurring, non-caking makeup at its very best. “Every makeup artist has one of these in their kit,” says celebrity makeup artist Caroline Barnes. “It works on all skin colours, it’s amazing!” Consider it your fast, fuss-free fix for when you want to look gorgeous, immediately. 

Beauty Pie best makeup setting One Powder Wonder


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© 2023 Beauty Pie. All rights reserved.From The New York Times. © 2020 The New York Times Company. All rights reserved. Used under license.