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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Written by Marcia Kilgore

8 Mar 2020

International Women's Day

We asked four inspiring members of Beauty Pie to share their stories to help us celebrate International Women’s Day – while knowing very well that there are thousands more that could have extended this blog for aeons!

A huge thank you to all members of the BEAUTY PIE club – all you ‘International Women’ (and let’s not forget everyone else) for the opportunity to build this club for you. We are grateful that you believe in our dream!

Jo Tutchener Sharp

Jo Tutchener-Sharp (Founder, Scamp & Dude)

A mother of two, Jo decided at the age of 39 to swap a successful career in beauty PR to start a cool, colourful clothing brand, Scamp & Dude. The inspiration? During a 10-day stint in hospital post brain surgery, she decided she wanted to create vibrant, cheerful patterns and prints to support adults and kids who are going through illness, separation, or otherwise tough times.

Why do you Beauty Pie?

“Having worked in the beauty industry for 20 years before launching Scamp & Dude – I’ve always greatly admired Marcia. I know that anything she creates will be awesome, and I think the concept of BEAUTY PIE is genius. Who wouldn’t want amazing products at a fraction of the price!?”

We love her super soft pink hoodies

Paris Hodson

Paris Hodson (Founder, Stalf)

Paris followed her dream to study fashion at the University of Westminster – but left feeling disillusioned with the unsustainable and unfair process that were part and parcel of how ‘big fashion’ works. She later launched her own brand, Stalf – buying her fabrics from a small Irish mill, with each piece dyed to her specifications. Her clothes are made-to-order under one roof (in her cool Pink Studio) and each garment represents her brand’s key ethos: inclusivity, authenticity and sustainability.

Why do you Beauty Pie?

“I really actively try to have balance – especially since I’ve had kids. It’s just necessary. A face mask here, an indulgent cream there, lighting a candle for half an hour’s peace at the end of the day. It's a wonderful excuse to reconnect with myself. BEAUTY PIE is not only an inspiring business – as the owner of my own company, I love how the customer is really the centre of the universe – but also the products are absolutely gorgeous and really do work.”

We love her cocoon jumpsuit

Franca Berr

Franca Berr (Founder, Franca Berr Jewellery)

After an apprenticeship as a goldsmith in her native Germany, and studying jewellery design at Central Saint Martins, Franca launched her eponymous jewellery brand, Franca Berr Jewellery Renowned for her quirky, fun-loving pieces – inspired by classic costume jewellery and popular cultural icons – each of Franca’s distinctive designs are made to order at her Hackney workshop. Often using cultured pearls, treated metals, enamel and precious stones in her collections, Franca has gone on to collaborate with influential fashion designers, including Markus Lupfer and Michael Van Der Ham, and retail giants Liberty and Topshop.

Why do you Beauty Pie?

"Intrigued by the opportunity to get access to high-end beauty products for a fraction of the normal price, I decided to give the membership a go and was delighted with the products! Great products at a great price, contributing to a fair supply chain. I also feel the BEAUTY PIE concept is embracing the principal of "less is more" – which as consumers in today's world, we all need to be a bit more mindful of."

We love her cumulus pearl earrings


Keisha (@theglowheaux, Lifestyle Influencer & Beauty Enthusiast)

A PR Account Manager and celebrated influencer who has supported and championed BEAUTY PIE from the get-go. With an Instagram profile filled with beautiful photography – think envy-inducing bathroom cabinet and dressing table ‘shelfies’ – she’s been a self-appointed Beauty Pie ambassador for quite a while, during which time she’s convinced her entire office to sign up.

Why do you Beauty Pie?

"I believe high-quality products shouldn’t only be accessible to a small percentage, but to all! BEAUTY PIE’s ethos of inclusivity, transparency and community along with producing high-end products is a rare gem, and one that challenges the beauty industry status quo."

We love her photography

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