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No, We Don't Do 'Dupes'

No, We Don't Do 'Dupes'

Written by Beauty Pie Staff

25 Sep 2020

BEAUTY PIE - Follow The Leader

In case you're new around here (and WELCOME if you are!) at BEAUTY PIE, we don't do 'dupes'. It's not our M.O. to go out and copy other people's products.

In fact, that's not necessary. Because we've been developing skincare, cosmetics, candles, fragrance and haircare (not always as BEAUTY PIE-ers, but during decades of experience working in other brands) and we know where to go for the best 'everything'. And we source our products the same way any luxury beauty brand sources their products, although there's one big difference, which we'll explain at the end.

1. Come to Us

Trusted third-party labs regularly come to us with new formulas, new pigment, new ingredients and new textures that they've been working on. These could be eyeshadows, lipsticks, hair treatments, mists, masks or active-intensive peptide combinations. Normally, they haven't added fragrance, the colours can be tweaked, the packaging is TBD and the actives aren't high enough for the bar we've set at Beauty Pie, but the bones of the product are there for us as a starting point. When we see something amazing, we think about how we can use it, improve it to perfection, and we add it to our development calendar.

2. On the Hunt

We also often go on the hunt ourselves. If we know our members would love a great facial cleansing brush, or the ultimate pair of tweezers, or think we need more world-class eyebrow items (watch this space), we put them on a shopping list. We'll attend trade shows (most of them are in Hong Kong, Bologna, Italy and New York), call reputable suppliers and talk to factories who manufacture at the highest quality.

3. Start from Scratch

Because we have very high standards on behalf of our members. And we know that if you’re buying skincare or bodycare or haircare, you expect it to really work. And that means adding ingredients in at % levels that are tested and proven. But that’s not always standard practice, so instead of creating our formulas by starting with a competitive retail price and working backwards , we start with a great texture and add in all the ingredients - at the right levels – to make what we think is a ‘magic’ product. So you can’t always compare a BEAUTY PIE product to something else that’s out there.

We launched this world-first luxury beauty Buyers’ Club because we believe the beauty industry works backwards. And we thought it was time to formulate what was best for the customer FIRST, without worrying about paying for distributors and crazy retailer markups and celebrity marketing.

We believe you deserve better, and serving our customers with the best possible product is the future of beauty!

Who’s with us? Join Beauty Pie.


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© 2023 Beauty Pie. All rights reserved.From The New York Times. © 2020 The New York Times Company. All rights reserved. Used under license.