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Meet Kay Ali

Meet Kay Ali, Expert Nutritionist.

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This glowing woman is Kay Ali – super nutritionist, supplements guru, and sometimes known as 'the hormone whisperer' (because of her in depth knowledge of how diet and nutrition can affect your hormones, your mood, your stress levels, your cycles and your skin and hair).

She's a Functional Hormone Nutritionist, mBANT, rCNHC and Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine, and we are so excited to introduce her as BEAUTY PIE's official nutritionist. Kay has worked closely with us to formulate our first range of supplements. She suggested we start with the perfect multivitamin, a genius Vitamin D, the ultimate probiotic, omega 3 oil capsules, and a super efficacious collagen powder.

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Marcia Kilgore

3 months ago

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Introducing Tsuiyee, Digital Product Manager

We're growing...! Some tips on joining our Product Engineering team during lockdown.

What do you do at Beauty pie? I work in the Product Engineering Department as a Product Manager. People often mistake my role for New Cosmetic Product Development, but I am actually dealing with the technical, not the physical, side of things. This means working closely with engineers to improve everything related to our online shopping experience and more.

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