Explaining the Price of a Top Notch Collagen Powder

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Explaining the Price of a Top Notch Collagen Powder

and why the important thing to look at is ‘concentration’…
Explaining the Price of a Top Notch Collagen Powder

We’ve had quite a few questions about the price and number of servings in a jar of our Collagen Super Powder, so rather than answering them one by one, we thought it would be easier to put it all in one blog.

Why is the typical retail price of your powder £100?

As with every product we offer at BEAUTY PIE, there’s a strict methodology used behind finding a fair typical retail price, as products are also available to non-members to buy at typical retail prices and we need fair and competitive pricing for those customers. If you’re new, you can read about that methodology here. In this instance, we chose the number of doses in the jar to meet a typical retail price of £100/$100, so most of our members (who have £100/$100 Spending Limit each month) could try this product without upgrading or topping up. If it proves super popular, we may bundle more than one jar together, so customers buying it every month can save even more on the picking and packing.

Beauty Pie Collagen Poweder

“I’ve seen much cheaper collagen powders on the market.”

Yes, you probably have. But we’re not about making the cheapest product, we’re all about making the best one. We don’t use Bovine Collagen and our density of Marine Collagen per scoop delivers a proven effective dose of 10,000mg. A whole tub contains 210,000mg of pure and wild Type 1 Marine Collagen Tripeptide that holds gold standard empirical data demonstrating 91% efficacy amongst users.* We’ve also added several symbiotic ingredients: vitamin C, Biotin and Tremella Fuciformis Extract, which we’ll get into below.

So first and foremost, our recommended scoop of 11 grams delivers the 10,000mg which is shown to be effective. Other collagen supplements sold at cheaper RRPs don’t deliver a Marine Peptide ingredient with a proven dose. (The concentration is lower, so the product is cheaper.)

We don’t name our competitors, however when looking at similar premium products that we benchmarked against, we found they sold at similar retail prices to our typical retail price, despite using what we believe to be inferior formulations. For example, one formula we looked at uses 7000mg of Marine Collagen (30% less than ours) with only 180mg vitamin C, in comparison to our 10,000mg Marine Collagen and 250mg vitamin C.

We believe that higher doses of symbiotic vitamin C are necessary – the European Food Standards Authority approves only vitamin C as the supplement that helps promote normal collagen production in the body. Why? Researchers** have concluded that uptake of vitamin C in peripheral tissue i.e. skin, occurs only when plasma concentrations reach peak (primary organs are always prioritized first). Plasma concentrations of vitamin C are at peak 2-4 hours post consumption at approximately 200mg-400mg.

Of course, if you’d like to make your tub last longer, you can use smaller scoops. We just can’t claim that it’s a proven effective dose if you do.

P.S. We opted for a jar (rather than individual sachets) as sachets are not recyclable. Our containers are made from 50% post-consumer recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable.

Beauty Pie Collagen Poweder

*Asserin J et al. The effect of oral collagen peptide supplementation on skin moisture and the dermal collagen network: evidence from an ex vivo model and randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials. J of Cosmetic Dermatol 2015; 0 – 1-11.

**Michels AJ, Frei BB. Vitamin C. In: Stipanuk MH, Caudill MA, editors. Biochemical, Physiological, and Molecular Aspects of Human Nutrition. St. Louis, Mo: Elsevier/Saunders; 2012. pp. 626–54.

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