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Under-eye Genius (Light/ Medium)

It’s ‘wake-up make-up’ for dark circles under the eyes.

‎Formulated with Essential Fatty Acids to moisturize and smooth fine lines, Linoleic Acid and vitamin E for delicate skin barrier repair, MDI Complex to reduce the appearance of dark circles and maintain the skin’s barrier, and high-tech Anti-Fatigue Brightening Micro-Pearls to instantly scatter light. ‎Layer it OVER your eye cream and UNDER a skin-tone matching concealer for all-day-long energized eyes.‎ Choose Light/Medium for blue-toned dark circles. Choose Medium/Deep for brown-toned dark circles.

0.14 oz

Made in Italy

Suitable for all skin tones. For brightening and moisturizing dark, problem undereye circles before applying a skin-tone matching concealer.


‎Anti-fatigue, dark-circle lifting underwear. ‎ ‎+ Visibly brightens dark circles with High Luminous Intensity Anti-Fatigue Pigments. ‎ ‎+ Instant visible skin-smoothing and line-minimizing. ‎ ‎+ Visibly reduces puffiness when tapped gently along the under eyes.

Key Benefit by Ingredient

Linoleic Acid

Moisturises and refreshes

Vitamin E

To support a healthy scalp

MDI Complex

Reduces the appearance of dark circles and supports the skin’s barrier

Clean Beauty

Cruelty Free

Fragrance Free

Partly Recyclable

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© 2022 Beauty Pie. All rights reserved.