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Super Healthy Skin™

Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream

A Swiss-mixed cocktail of active ingredients so numerous we'd need twenty minutes just to list them.

‎Our super-charged anti-aging cream is the best all-in-one facial rejuvenating formula we've ever used. It's enriched with wrinkle-rewinders, instant lifters, complexion brighteners, elasticity enhancers, Hyaluronic Acids, antioxidants, pollution blockers, moisture plumpers, free radical battlers, stem cell re-energizers and powerful plant actives.

1.69 fl. oz.

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Made in Switzerland

Suitable for normal, combination, dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. Excellent to apply on both your face and neck.


‎It’s the latest Swiss skincare discovery, and an absolute one-cream wonder. ‎ ‎+ All-in-one super formula moisturizer ‎ ‎+ Super-healthy radiant skin formula ‎ ‎+ Protects and softens the skin. moisturizes and firms ‎ ‎+ Acts like a moisture cloud cream with Hyaluronic Acid

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© 2022 Beauty Pie. All rights reserved.

© 2022 Beauty Pie. All rights reserved.