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Beauty Pie Bestseller Trio

Three absolute beauty icons. (Treat yourself! Or somebody else.)

Featuring the three products our members reorder most often. With our cult, all-skin-type-suitable Japanfusion Cleanser; our bestselling Swiss Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream (everything but the kitchen sink of anti-aging creams); and our Vogue award-winning French-sourced Deluxe Moisture Body Crème (unbeatable for lightweight, quick-sinking, deep hydrating body moisture).

Each formula in this trio is suitable for all skin types


Japanfusion Pure Transforming Cleanser, 100ml

‎‎+ A triple texture cleanser that transforms from gel to oil to milk (in contact with water). ‎+ With Japanese hybrid cleansing technology. ‎+ Removes all traces of makeup (including waterproof mascara). ‎+ Leaves skin instantly clean, fresh, radiant and clear.

Super Healthy Skin™ Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream, 50ml

‎‎ ‎+ All-in-one super formula moisturizer. ‎+ Healthy-looking radiant skin finish. ‎+ Protects and softens the skin. ‎+ Nourishes and visibly firms. ‎+ Acts like a moisture cloud cream with Hyaluronic Acid. ‎

Super Healthy Skin™ Deluxe Moisture Body Crème, 250ml

‎‎ ‎+ Deeply nourishing, skin conditioning and smoothing. ‎+ Boosts skin softness and a feeling of elasticity and strength ‎+ Helps prevent transepidermal water loss. ‎+ Packed with citrus Essential Oils

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© 2022 Beauty Pie. All rights reserved.