Why have thousands of women already joined Beauty Pie

Picture a handsome Frenchman. Impeccable suit.

Speaks six languages. Owns his own luxury cosmetic factory.

Now imagine you’re his sister.

A BEAUTY PIE membership gets you access

The basics


Our members can shop from an ever-expanding selection of unbranded luxury skincare and makeup products, and pay only the straight off the production-line prices.

We source skincare, cosmetics and beauty tools from the best luxury suppliers in Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, USA, UK, Korea and (soon) Japan.


Our members save up to 85% on regular retail price*, or about 80% if you include the cost of membership.


Memberships are available with different levels of buying power, for the particularly prudent or the professional.

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*Our Regular Prices are competitive prices in the current marketplace for cosmetic and skincare products of similar quality.

See how you could save. An actual member basket...


These products are worth


But this beauty pie member paid


Saving her


*warehousing costs have been rolled in, but our totally transparent shipping and handling fees are not included.

...or say you order four luxury lipsticks


You'd be buying


worth of lipstick
4 x $25 regular price

but you‘d only pay


4 x $2.39 our members price

you‘d be saving


or 90.4%

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“By partnering with a global network of in-demand laboratories often the exact same ones that supply prestige brands - and eliminating overhead costs, Beauty Pie combines the allure of Pat McGrath Labs‘ right-off-the-conveyor-belt kits with the efficiency of direct-to-consumer brands...“

Kari Molvar American Vogue

How do I know your products are actually luxury quality? I've never paid handling charges before, so why now? Why am I limited to how much I can buy? Is shipping included in your prices?