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Fruitizyme™ Five Minute Facial

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75ml/ 2.53 fl. oz.

4.562Frutizyme™ Five Minute Facial

Somewhere in a dimly-lit room, a facialist is hunched over a woman's T-zone, cleaning out one painful clogged pore at a time.
While you, in your own bathroom with our 5-minute peel formula, and on your own can undergo an equally deep clean sweep. The best do-it-yourself facial peel we've ever found. With dead-cell sloughing glycolic acids, powerful pomegranate enzymes, gentle quartz and bamboo scrub grains, purifying salicylic acid and anti-free-radical stem cells from raspberries, this triple-tasking leave-on peeling mask is a marvel. Use weekly (at least) for a perennially fresh complexion.

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I love love love this product! I love using it, I love the results, I love the smell. I love everything about it! Just buy it.
  • 35-44
Brilliant weekly exfoliate
I order this product every time I purchase as I don’t want to run out.
  • 25-34
Bit disappointed and red
I really enjoyed the tingle of this when applied, I figured it was really doing something. Unfortunately the grains in it have really irritated me on washing off and I am red and burning.
I have used a lot of fruit/acid peels and never been irritated before. I wanted to love this but I’m not.
I’m also really dry afterward, it isn’t something I would go to over the two products (other brand) I used before.
  • 35-44
Hi Mel, thank you for taking the time to review our Fruitizyme Five Minute Facial. We're very sorry to hear you've suffered an adverse reaction to this, certainly not something we'd expect. Have you had a look at the full ingredient list on the product page to see if there might be something that knowingly causes your skin to suffer?
Beauty Pie Team
Great exfoliator but i hate the grainy scrub texture.
The results of this scrub are very like an AHA mask that i was using before hand- great decongestion, exfoliation, brightening and glowing skin! I use this mask twice a week for 10 minutes each time on my oily skin and it gives fantastic results. However, I hate the grainy particles in it that feel like an old fashioned face scrub so that is why i gave it 4/5 stars.
  • 25-34
Holy grail
This stuff is amazing. I've played around and 5 mins is the optimum time for my skin - any more and it goes a bit haywire. I pop on twice a week for a proper deep clean. Much more gentle than my usual glycolic toner and far less irritating. Makes the skin soft and really helps with closed comodones too. Please don't ever change the formula or discontinue!
  • 35-44