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New to BEAUTY PIE? Just signed up and keen to learn more? You’re in the right place. Read about what inspired serial entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore to launch BEAUTY PIE, understand how our direct-to-consumer business model works, and scroll through our quick and easy glossary.


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We Made a TV Ad

BEAUTY PIE is now showing on a screen near you… here’s the inside scoop

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What We Do

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All You Can Treat - Who’s Getting What?

The Holiday Gifts Have Landed - From Sumptuous Silks To Luxe, Limited Edition Makeup. And Everything In Between.

BEAUTY PIE products

Your FAQs answered (and eight reasons you should join BEAUTY PIE). A guide to the key questions we are asked most on social media, via email and over the phone.


Everything you need to know about BEAUTY PIE® PLUS and why the new membership means you can shop more and save more.

Friends in PIE places

Get rewarded for introducing us to your friends. Our refer-a-friend program has just been activated. Here’s why you should sign up.

Best deal on BEAUTY PIE products

TOP-UPs, UPGRADES and V.I.PIE status explained...

BEAUTY PIE - Follow The Leader

In case you're new around here (and WELCOME if you are!) at BEAUTY PIE, we don't do 'dupes'. It's not our M.O. to go out and copy other people's products.

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How to get the most PIE possible.

BEAUTY PIE Products - How BEAUTY PIE works

But the BEAUTY PIE fairy tale is REAL. Read about it, and then go ahead, PINCH YOURSELF.

Lipsticks Group Shot

When you're a buyers' club, bigger is always better.

Mix of Products in a Box

And how BEAUTY PIE now manages to offer flat-rate shipping.

BEAUTY PIE Makeup product family

As it turns out, luxury cosmetics don't cost that much to make.

BEAUTY PIE Lipstick - Love, Love, Love It

Some of our loyal, long-standing members share why they PIE and why they’ll never look back...

BEAUTY PIE Model close up

At BEAUTY PIE, transparency is our ‘thing’, and we’re happy to answer anything as openly, honestly and immediately as possible. Here's, the top 3 things our members ask us, followed by a smattering of the other regularly queried.

Mix of BEAUTY PIE products

So here are seven MORE reasons to sign up to get a bigger piece of the BEAUTY PIE (besides that it just makes sense).

Marcia Kilgore

It’s possible you’ve heard of Marcia Kilgore or maybe you live on Mars, but if you’re a woman, or a beauty junkie, or just love shoes, you’ve heard of one of the five (yes, FIVE) companies that she’s launched over the last two decades.

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© 2022 Beauty Pie. All rights reserved.