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Transparency Update 101: March 2020

We were going to label this 001, but as we've informally spilled-it-all-out-before - just not with a picture of a somebody holding a transparent bag - we thought we'd do an official kick-off in three digits!

Transparent BEAUTY PIE Bag

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We’ve tried the social distancing, the elbow-bumping, the hand sanitizing, the breath-holding, the distant waving, the celebrating, the window-wrapping, the DIY (QR-code) ‘Add To Bagging’, and we’ve decided we’re taking our show back online only, until the news out there is happier / safer / better.

What You Need To Know:

  • If you’ve bought a Drop-In Pass (50% off Typical Retail Prices), we’ll sort you out! (Watch your emails – we’re trying to make them usable online!)

  • We’re trying to set up a BEAUTY PIE pop-up livestream, so you can get advice and ask questions in person ‘virtually’ – (we’re seeing what we can do)!

  • Given the extreme enthusiasm around our pop-up, while this was our first pop-up, it won’t be our last!

Watch this space for more info (and our regular beauty updates – for a bit of distraction amidst the madness).


...when it comes to shipping components and/or finished products from overseas (for obvious reasons, both ethical and financial), but it leaves us juggling sometimes between out-of-stock products and current stock service levels. (Hey, some items just sell faster than forecasted, and while we keep a 4-6 month product overstock, we all know what can happen when something goes VIRAL.)

Now, we're a Buyers Club, and we believe in amazing customer service, extremely high-quality products and unbeatable prices – as in up to 80% lower than our competition – and we're even adding a bit of flexibility for annual members (via Spending Limit top-ups), who commit to us longer. However, once in a while, things will be out-of-stock. When they are, we need to weigh-up our shipping impact on the environment. Please remember, you have the option to buy multiples of your favourite products (just upgrade if you want backup, after all, nobody gets to have their cake and eat it too). We are doing our best to find a beneficial balance for everybody – the Earth included.


Prior to launch – and during our first year – we didn’t know if the labs we worked with (who also supply many of the mainstream luxury beauty brands), were going to supply us once they found out how disruptive we would be (after all, cutting out middlemen, celebrity marketing and retailer markups is game-changing)! So, we had to order long and deep across a lot of shade ranges and take quite a big financial risk, and we stuck our proverbial thumbs in the air while we did it. Now, the majority of the products we first bought really sold (like hotcakes), but others – including some shades of foundations, concealers and eyeshadow crayons etc – just didn’t, especially as we added so many more items to choose from. We offered those items (via our ‘no Spending Limit needed’ Stocking Fillers Sale) to our members first, and many took advantage, but cosmetics have a ‘use by’ date and in order to keep our cash flow healthy, we then sold what members didn’t want (at least at any kind of viable pace) to clearance retailers. We’ve seen members negatively commenting about this on social media and we think it’s safe to say:

  • If you think you’ll find a great assortment of current BEAUTY PIE products at your local clearance retailer, you will be terribly disappointed.

  • We’re a Buyers Club: our goal is to keep your prices as low as possible, so us keeping our cash flow moving by clearing what you have demonstrated you don’t want to buy from us, means we can keep investing in newness for you.

  • Expired cosmetic products end up in landfill, which isn’t good for anybody.

  • If there’s anyone out there who wants to take 6,436 pieces of concealer off our hands, in shades 600-800 (in a single lot, because we have day jobs and can’t do this bit by bit) please get in touch!

Our NPD team has been alerted to the fact that the gloss on our Jeju carton paperboard, which we were assured by our supplier is recyclable, is recyclable (in Japan). Specifications have been changed for our next order.

We finally figured out – and solved – why some members weren’t getting order confirmation emails. (Don’t ask. It’s kind of excruciating). But we’ve solved the problem now because we know what caused it, and it shouldn’t be happening again.

And we’re delighted to announce that one of our packaging suppliers now has a closed loop system for metallizing packages, which can be done without even a single polluting molecule leaking out into the environment. So, you may see some shiny/shimmery eyeshadow and lipstick packaging coming through in our product pipelines. We’re excited to have that option!

Please weigh in on social and let us know what other behind-the-scenes BEAUTY PIE issues you’d like to know more about. As always, our T&Cs can be found here and FAQS here.


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Marcia Kilgore

3 years ago

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