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At BEAUTY PIE, we get a lot of questions about the difference between Top-Ups, Upgrades, PIEDAYS and the benefits of having a V.I.PIE Annual Membership. We’ll keep it short and simple.

All BEAUTY PIE memberships – which ensure that we have enough contribution from members to fund our Buyers’ Club (based fairly and squarely on how much each member is buying) – have a monthly Spending Limit. Of course sometimes (during the holidays / when your needs warrant a full-on beauty restock / if you’ve decided to add in a regime of supplements and vitamins) you might want to shop beyond that Spending Limit.

Here’s how you can do that:

You Can Use A Top-Up To Temporarily Increase Your Spending Limit  

Top up your BEAUTY PIE

Top-ups are one-time, temporary Spending Limit boosts. We sometimes make them available on a product’s shopping page, and if you see one, you can drop it into your bag to immediately increase your Spending Limit to buy the corresponding item.

You may see top-ups on our PERFECT DAILY Multivitamin (we order a tremendous amount each month, because we feel it’s important that all PIE members are taking their vitamins regularly). You may also sometimes see top-ups on gifts, candles or fragrances, because these are items – outside of your normal self-care routine – that you may want to buy as a treat for yourself or someone else, but wouldn’t be able to regularly, as they equate to your normal monthly Spending Limit budget!  

You Can Use An Upgrade To Increase Your Spending Limit Overall

Upgrade your BEAUTY PIE account

Upgrades are for anybody who wants to increase their Spending Limit every month (if you think about it, the higher your limit, the more you save, right?). For example, say you're already 'all PIE' on your skincare and makeup (which can easily use up your monthly Spending Limit), and you’d now like to get yourself a monthly supply of our SUPERDOSE Vitamin C Bio-Vitamin Brightening Body Lotion, or our Detox Shampoo and Hair Repair (you’ve read the amazing reviews), and you’re sick of overpaying for that other brand of Collagen Powder. If, every month, you find yourself wishing you could order two or three more things, you should just UPGRADE to the next level. (If you later find that you don't need or use it, you can always downgrade by emailing our Member Happiness team:

How To Upgrade Your Spending Limit At Beauty Pie?

It’s easy to upgrade. You log in and click on the ‘Upgrade Your Limit’ button found on the pink banner bar across the bottom of the page on mobile, or along the top of the screen on desktop. A pop-up window will appear, which will give you the available upgrade options. Choose one and you’re done. When you upgrade, your membership will reset automatically and the new Spending Limit, along with any remaining, will appear immediately in your account.

*A note for really big spenders: If you’re already on the £500/month plan, there currently is no upgrade option for you. However, we’re hoping to soon launch a beta ‘unlimited’ annual membership, stay tuned! 

You Can Also Upgrade Your Spending Limit ‘Mid-Shop’

If you add a product to your basket and exceed your Spending Limit, an upgrade pop-up window will appear, and you can just hit ‘yes’. Note: Upgrading doesn’t increase the length of your membership, it just resets your membership to a higher level.

But What Is The Best Membership To Get At BEAUTY PIE?

Now that we’re bigger and have a better understanding of how our members shop, we’re hoping to lift the limits with a beta ‘unlimited’ annual membership, that will be offered to our annual members to test first!

And in the meantime, our V.I.PIE Annual membership has a lot of extra benefits. Not only do V.I.PIEs get double the PIEDAYS and first-shop options on new product launches and limited editions, but annual V.I.PIE members are offered general TOP-UPS once a month. V.I.PIE top-ups are not product specific and can be used to stretch your Spending Limit for any item. As we grow, we hope to be able to offer this option to our high-level and longest standing members also, but that requires a bit of behind-the-scenes programming.

V.I.PIE Annual is the most flexible and convenient membership at BEAUTY PIE. You can TOP-UP to shop what you want, when you want, without the typical Spending Limits. If you’re on a monthly membership, and you would like to switch to V.I.PIE Annual, you can do that here.

Still have questions? Ask our Member Happiness team.

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