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Now, a powerhouse moisturizer is a must. It helps maintain the skin’s barrier to help naturally repel bacteria, environmental stressors, UV and blue light and pollution – and keeps your face hydrated, glowing and happy. Read below to match your skin’s needs with the best moisturizer…


The best moisturiser for dry and dehydrated skin

Plantastic™ Deep Nourishing Moisture Balm

Plantastic Deep Nourishing Moisture Balm

This super-luxurious balm has a smoothing gel-cream feel and is infused with Shea and Murumuru Butters, Sesame and Coconut Oils, antioxidant Vitamin E and a skin-protecting Tomato Stem-Cell Extract – VitaFreeze. Made in Switzerland. It’s the best moisturizer for very dry and dehydrated skin.

Triple Hyaluronic Acid Deep Moisture Miracle Cream

BEAUTY PIE Triple Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Miracle Cream

We don’t just believe in doubling up: we’re all about trebling up - which is why our newest Moisture Miracle Cream contains three forms of moisturizing powerhouse Hyaluronic Acid. Our favorite lab in Japan created it for us, and they've pumped it up with Idealift (4%) and Exopolysaccharides (1%) for wrinkle-filling and skin firming, plus Flower Antioxidants to make one of the best moisturizers for dry skin we've ever tried. Dry skins will notice an immediate (and very welcome) transformation - dramatically improving luminosity, elasticity and firmness. Use it alone, or over a serum or Superdrops - and get ready: this may just be your new favorite product.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types, but exceptionally effective on dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin.


The best moisturizer for treating fine lines and wrinkles

Super Retinol (+ Vitamin C) Night Renewal Moisturizer

BEAUTY PIE Super Retinol Vitamin C Night Reewal Moisturizer

We all know that age is just a number. But when you feel younger on the inside than you are on the outside, it doesn’t help to give your skin a shove in the right direction. That’s where Retinol - the wrinkle-fighting ingredient that our consultant dermatologist-in-residence Dr Andrew Markey calls his ‘wow molecule’ - comes in.

Best used at night, this superstar Swiss formula has everything anti-aging in it - encapsulated Retinol (resurfacing), Ficucell Vita (antioxidant), Shea Butter (nourishing), Vitamins E and C (elasticity), and Ferulic and Hyaluronic Acids (plumping and hydrating). It's super-smoothing, fine line and wrinkle tackling, brightening, and we think possibly THE best Retinol night moisturizer ever.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types, except very sensitive.


The best moisturizer for dull, lacklustre skin

Jeju Daily AM/PM Moisture Superinfusion™

BEAUTY PIE Jeju Daily AM/PM Moisture Superinfusion™

Hydration junkies - strap on your beauty helmets, because this genius moisturizer might just be the most mind-blowing face cream ever. Jeju Volcanic Sand gently blots shine from your oily spots, while a multi-active Hyaluronic Acid hydrating complex transforms dull, dry skin to be positively dewy. Made in Korea. 

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types, including sensitive.


The best moisturizer for tired-looking skin

Supderdose™ Vitamin C Oxygen Boosting Moisturizer

Beauty Pie Superdose Vitamin C Moisturiser

Yes, stable VITAMIN C is a powerhouse skincare ingredient, but when you simultaneously turn up your OXYGEN, add a microbiome-activated brightener and Pink Grapefruit and Avocado Oils, the result is so amazing it’s almost an adventure. A brilliant moisturizer for a ‘totally fresh face’. Made in the UK. 

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types, including sensitive.


The best moisturizer for dry skin

Pure Oxygen Radiant Glow Moisture Infusion

BEAUTY PIE Pure Oxygen Radiant Glow Moisture Infusion

Apply twice daily to make tired skin look incredibly fresh. This super-hydrating gel-cream delivers a pure Oxygen infusion, plus an intensive shot of stable Vitamin C to moisturize, re-energize and brighten your face. For all skin types. Made in Switzerland.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types, including sensitive. 


The best moisturizer for normal and combination skin

Japanfusion™ Power Elixir Moisturizer

Japanfusion Power Elixir Moisturiser

According to J-Beauty, the secret to luminous skin is moisture maxing. Because not only does a multi-layer hydrating approach ensure a surreally dewy and plump complexion, water-saturated skin reflects more light and always looks lifted. Imported from Japan – with a high-tech micro-molecular re-energizing Pombe Yeast Extract, brightening Jabara Extract and protecting polyphenols and antioxidants from grape skin – this supercharged Asian beauty cream is one deep moisture system that delivers.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types, including sensitive.

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