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Coming Soon: What Everybody Wants To Know About Beauty Pie's New Supplements

The world's best supplements are launching soon in America

BEAUTY PIE New Supplements and Vitamins

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For both women and men, BEAUTY PIE’s ‘optimal nutrients’ are landing in the US in June. Meticulously researched by expert hormonal nutritionist, Kay Ali, each cutting-edge formula is made without fillers, GMOs, artificial colours or preservatives. Our first range of nutritional supplements feature: our favourite multivitamin, a genius vitamin D, an exceptionally pure wild BiOmega 3 fish oil, a super absorbable Collagen powder, and high-potency SuperGut Live Bacteria Microbio Culture Capsules. 

A Quick Summary

  • SuperGut™ - 12 vegan-friendly live species of bacteria.

  • BiOmega 3™ - Delivers high-strength, purity and freshness.

  • …Like Sun™ - Vitamin D: think strong body and all-year-round health.

  • Perfect Daily™ - A highly effective mix of 22 incredible nutrients.

  • Collagen Super Powder™ - Backed by science and as far as Collagen powders go, there’s nothing like it. High-quality and researched.

Kay Ali - Functional Hormone Nutritionist

Meet Kay Ali. Expert Nutrionist

This glowing woman is Kay Ali – super nutritionist, supplements guru and our go-to for all things nutrition and wellbeing related. Kay is highly qualified and has an in depth knowledge of how diet, vitamins and nutrition can affect all aspects of your everyday wellbeing.

Kay is a member of mBANT, rCNHC and Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine.

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© 2022 Beauty Pie. All rights reserved.