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Skincare for Gorgeous Hands

Best handcare - expert tricks and tips

BEAUTY PIE Good Hands Gel

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NOW IN THE WAREHOUSE GOOD HANDS™ NO-RINSE HAND CLEANSING GEL. A beautifully balanced no-rinse hand cleansing gel, infused with Jojoba Oil, Glycerin, hydrating Osmolyte, Lemon and Bitter Orange Essential Oils, Copper Peptides and 60% cleansing alcohol – to ensure wherever you are, you’ve got a safe pair of hands.  *Yes, it smells a lot like Orange Absolute, because if you’re going to be gelling your hands all day, it should be an EXPERIENCE, right?  Clean. Vegan. 75ml travel-size.

Made in the UK.


Key Benefits

Formulated to keep hands clean, safe, hydrated and soft on-the-go, with…

  • 60% CLEANSING ALCOHOL – A safe hand gel necessity.

  • JOJOBA OIL – For soothing and moisturizing.

  • GLYCERINE – To soften, seal and soothe.

  • COPPER PEPTIDES – For anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and firming action.

  • HYDRATING OSMOLYTE – Extracted from sugar beets and 100% bio-based, it protects skin from environmental and thermal stressors (dehydration), by controlling water balance and supporting the skin barrier.

BEAUTY PIE Good Hands Gel

Skincare for Gorgeous Hands

Yes, we talk a lot about using your sunscreen all the way down to your decollete, and making sure your serum hits your whole neck, and using prevention (or treatment) to keep your hands looking as great as your face. However, should your hands need an overhaul, or if you’re keen on keeping them ‘hand model’ marvellous, Marcia says that using two drops of Superdose C Superdrops on the back of each hand in the evening, followed by a good massage on with Super Retinol Hand Cream, should work elasticity, sun damage undoing wonders!

Super Dose C-Suite Rapid Action Power Brightener


It’s likely we don’t need to mention this, but prevention is always the best medicine. Any of our sunscreens for face will do an equally excellent job on body parts. Keep SPF in your pocket, so you can reapply it after washing your hands, before driving on a sunny day, cycling, gardening…

Pastels, berries and brights are hot for nails right now (whether all over, as the ‘french’ tip part of the equation, or in layered stripes if you’ve got a super steady hand) on both feet and hands.


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