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It's like The Beatles landing in America of Beauty Clubs

So here are seven MORE reasons to sign up to get a bigger piece of the BEAUTY PIE (besides that it just makes sense).

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The Times said it was a 'genius idea', Marie Claire called us the 'Everlane of Makeup' (though we have high-performance skincare and deluxe makeup brushes, and fine fragrance and French scented candles, and high-tech haircare too). New York Magazine gave us the nod, saying The BEAUTY PIE dream is to offer quality luxury products without the markup of having a fancy name attached to them. So here are seven MORE reasons to sign up to get a bigger piece of the BEAUTY PIE (besides that it just makes sense):

1. One of the biggest experts in the beauty industry came up with the idea.

You’ve heard of her – Marcia Kilgore - the celeb facialist-turned-entrepreneur who started Bliss Spa, Laboratoire Remede, FitFlop, Soap & Glory and Soaper Duper. She says her best idea yet is BEAUTY PIE, because it's like bringing all of her girlfriends along to shop her favourite luxury makeup and skincare labs.

2. Our ONLY motivation is to bring our members THE best beauty products.

We source and test formulas from leading luxury labs in America, Italy, Germany, Korea, France, Switzerland and Japan. We don’t value-engineer our products to make more profit, or remove active ingredients to meet margins. In fact, most of the time, we add more in! We're totally transparent. We make the product the best it can be. And as a member, you pay what we pay, plus your membership.

3. Our skincare products will knock your socks off.

They’ve been lauded in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, in the New York Times, The Sunday Times, on Racked, Refinery29 and legendary beauty guru India Knight even penned: "The USP with Beauty Pie is that these are really top-class products...the brand is nailing it with skincare." (Of course we knew that.)

Because we’re rebels. We’re totally transparent. We have nothing to hide. And we don’t believe that customers paying $100+ for a product that really costs $10 to make is right. We believe the beauty industry works backwards, and that our customers deserve a lot more for their money.

5. You should get what you pay for, people!

When you buy luxury beauty at retail, up to 90% of what you’re paying for is middlemen, celebrity marketing and retailer markups. And, that's just not right. The cosmetic industry is all a bit archaic, actually.

6. And we're cruelty-free. (And most of our products are vegan.)

For animal lovers (and everyone), we do not believe in, or authorize, animal testing for our products or any of the ingredients that go into our products. You can find out every detail and ingredient on each individual product page.

7. Seriously. Why wouldn’t you.

You can save the equivalent of a full year’s membership fee, on a single jar of Swiss anti-aging cream and one bottle of our amazing Great Skin Foundation by buying as a member, instead of at the typical industry marked-up price.


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