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The high-tech supernatural Japanese skincare find that’s giving K-BEAUTY a run for its money

Imported from the leading skincare lab in Japan, exclusively for BEAUTY PIE.

Japanfusion and Super Healthy Skin

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Just when you thought you couldn’t love our Swiss moisturizer more. Or you were completely besotted with your new encapsulated Retinol. When you were convinced that nothing could make you stray from Jeju - in comes an incredibly tempting twist to test your beauty discipline! Imported from the leading skincare lab in Japan, exclusively for BEAUTY PIE.

What Japanese skincare is famous for.

Japanese skincare was ‘all grown up’ already by the time Korea started grabbing some of the limelight. Multi-step moisturizing systems? Imperceptible textures? Geisha beauty secrets? Japanese. Hot Cloth Cleansers? Facial exercisers? The best Cleansing Oils? All from the archipelago.

And, as do their counterpart creators of food, dancing robots, bullet trains and video games, Japanese cosmetic chemists don’t make ordinary skincare. They hold themselves to a ridiculously high bar, employing super-efficacious, high-tech, hybrid skincare ingredients and fusing them into the sheerest, lightest, most delicate textures you’ll ever put on your face.

You’ll see. You’ll reapply these products for no other reason but to feel them.

Introducing Japanfusion. One amazing cleanser, plus a peerless 3-step system for intensive, immediate moisture.

Each product boasts three key ingredients:

Nmfission Moisture-Lock™ - a natural moisturizing-factor boosting super high tech skin energizing yeast extract, Jabara Extract™ - harvested from the Japanese citrus fruit, rich in Vitamin C and polyphenols, to help inhibit the appearance of pigmented spots, and help neutralize skin-aging free radicals and Delamyth DNA+ Grape Extract a powerful source of polyphenols for soothing, antioxidant and UV-related skin damage repair (from a supergrape whose skin doesn’t wrinkle in the sun).

The Pure Transforming Cleanser is almost an enigma. It’s a beautiful antioxidant-infused gel-to-oil-to-milk cleansing balm that rinses off in an instant. Massage it on every night to tracelessly remove makeup, oils, and pollution.

The Hydra Prep Tonic is a high-tech, micro-molecular lotion. Step M1, used immediately post cleansing, it softens, balances, plumps and hydrates –and then turbo-charges every other product you put on top of it.

The Deep Treatment Serum is a hybrid facial oil-meets-serum, also fully-loaded with grape polyphenols and citrus antioxidants, NMF boosters and powerful skin soothers. Use it as Step M2 in the JAPANFUSION system (or under your existing treatment cream every day, as a skin-energizing instant beauty booster).

And the last layer? Step M3. The Supreme Cream. So intensively moisturizing, rich, instantly penetrating, this fantastic Japanese moisturizer protects skin from pollution and external aggressions, and leaves skin looking plumper, dewier and luminous.

Now you don’t have to use it all at once, or abandon your ordinary skincare favourites and go all JAPANFUSION. You can layer in any part(s) of the system to find out what you love, add the Prep Lotion post cleansing, take the Cleanser when you travel.

But you may find, if you’re always just a little dehydrated in the winter, or you’re a problem-dry skin type, that you can’t live without the Serum and Supreme Cream combo.

Over to you to choose.


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