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9 Surprising Reasons Your Hair May Not Look Great

A hair-science overview of what weakens, breaks, thins, frizzes and dulls your tresses, and what you can do (or avoid doing) to improve!

Super Healthy Hair Boosters

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Whoever came up with the much-uttered adage ‘the grass is always greener’ was probably talking about their hair (or their sister’s hair, or their best friend’s hair). If your mane is curly, you probably own a few straightening irons. If you’ve been saddled with fine hair, you may wonder if it’s possible to ‘Dolly’ (Ms Parton, it’s rumoured, loves efficiency so much she now exclusively wears wigs). And while there really are limits to how much real change you can have on what mother nature gave you, there are a few hair pro tips that will help you make the best of your genetics:

If your normally-healthy hair is naturally fine, but seems to be thinning or lacking elasticity, or if you’re losing hair volume, assess your daily routine for one of three of the usual suspects: too regular heat-styling or bleaching/colouring, hormonal fluctuations (especially post-pregnancy) and high-stress levels. Why? Heat styling opens-up the hair cuticle and causes hair breakage and a reduction in elasticity. Hormonal fluctuations can cause hair to grow or shed in waves. And high-stress has been proven to lead to temporary hair loss – the medical term being ‘telogen effluvium’ – which is a physical response to the impact of stress on the body and mind. So yes, stress-related hair shedding is officially a ‘condition’.

If your hair is sometimes gorgeous, thick and curly, it can probably also have moments when it’s coarse, frizzy, fuzzy and shapeless. Why? Thick, curly, frizzy hair is very dynamic, and the texture is easily affected by friction. So brushing or fine-tooth combing is a ‘NO NO’ if you don’t want va-va-va-volume. And running your hands through your hair without weighing it down can still turn it into a helmet. A balance must be struck between curly hair absorbing too much moisture (which makes it expand and get ‘poufy’ if not managed by anti-humectant ingredients) and being too dry (the result, again, of regular use of heat styling, curling irons, flat irons, hot rollers). And chemical treatments can exacerbate dryness, so if you’re regularly colouring your hair, you should choose specially formulated products for curly hair and a reparative shampoorepairing conditioner and repairing treatment to feed it what it needs.

If your naturally shiny, healthy hair is suddenly flat, dull and lacking in vibrancy, any of the following could be the culprits: hard water is full of minerals (Calcium, Lime, Magnesium) which can leave you with dull, brittle and damaged hair that’s more prone to breakage (and can even strip colour-treated hair). Too much sun exposure can break down hair proteins, which weaken the hair and causes it to look dull and lifeless. Over-styling your hair (for all the same reasons we’ve mentioned above) and quite possibly your hair just needs a little more conditioner - because natural oils in your hair’s outer layer help protect the inner layers, and they reflect light so your hair looks shinier. But if you wash a lot, you might need to add to those oils from the outside!


We’ve tapped one of the world's leading haircare labs to bring you the best sulphate-free shampoos, the best conditioners to moisturize and strengthen hair and the ultimate bond-repairing elasticizer; for silky, shiny, bouncy and healthy-looking hair. And now, we’re proud to add three new SUPER HEALTHY HAIR Active Boosters – concentrated shots of high-tech hair repairing actives to deliver more hair volume, more hair gloss and more hair smoothing, so every day is a great hair day

Super Healthy Hair Volume Booster

If Your Hair Needs: Volume, Body and Bounce, try our SUPER HEALTHY HAIR Volume Booster – a weightless, hydrated, healthy-hair volume boost. Like caffeine for over processed, limp or lacklustre hair, this brilliant mix-in intensive shot delivers perfectly lightweight hydration to give hair a healthy re-densified volume boost! The key ingredients?

  • 3D+ Aquawrap (3%) – Derived from plants to help lock moisture into the core of the hair shaft.

  • Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5) – Improves moisture retention making hair appear thicker and more elastic.

  • Moistureplump-G – A highly effective hygroscopic moisturizer and humectant for dry, brittle hair

Super Healthy Hair Gloss Booster

If Your Hair Needs: Gloss and shine, try the SUPER HEALTHY HAIR Gloss Booster – for glossier, brighter, shinier hair in 3 minutes. A professional-strength hair shine booster with Coconut Oil, Panthenol, Quinoa Proteins and Incan Flower Extracts, it delivers protection from the dulling effects of colouring and styling, and instantly strengthens, moisturizes and glosses lacklustre locks. The key ingredients?

  • Colourplus Amino Acids – Derived from Quinoa for powerful hair protection, improved colour uptake retention and shine.

  • Velvet Flower Seed Extract – Contains starches, sugars, protein constituents, vitamins C and B and minerals to make hair shinier, stronger and more luminescent.

  • Coconut Oil – Supports hair growth by conditioning the scalp, while adding volume and shine.

Super Healthy Hair Smooth Booster

And If Your Hair Needs: Smoothing and Control, try our SUPER HEALTHY HAIR Smooth Booster – a shot of discipline for curly, unruly, frizzy hair. Anti-frizz, strengthening and humidity-fighting, this handy intensive Keratin-shot is formulated to boost, shape and maintain curls, and smooth and tame curly hair’s inner wild-child. The result? Softer, shinier, more manageable hair. The key ingredients?

  • Keravis - Improves the strength of damaged hair, reduces split ends, makes hair shinier and more flexible, and reduces breakage, flyaways and damage from combing and styling.

  • Supercurl CP™ - A curl-perfecting, anti-frizz active that adds spring, energy, boost and hold to curls, without stiffness or dulling and protects against humidity.

  • Shealight - Eco-friendly, renewably resourced and biodegradable, this is a weightless conditioning and shine ingredient derived from Shea Butter.

And while you’re shopping hair boosters, grab a bottle of the perfectly professional salon-quality shampoo or conditioner (more on those formulas here).


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