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Overpaying Has Never Been So Overrated

Your faqs answered (and 5 reasons you should join BEAUTY PIE). A guide to the key questions we are asked most on social media, via email and over the phone.

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Thousands of people are joining BEAUTY PIE every week, to get industry insider access to hundreds of powerful, luxurious, high-performance, deluxe beauty products – with prices that are making the ‘old’ beauty industry blush.

Below, a few FAQs.

Why Do You Pay For A Membership AND Products?

BEAUTY PIE is a Buyers’ Club offering the world’s best beauty products at the best possible prices. Think of us like a luxury beauty kind of (American) Costco.

  • You pay a membership fee to access incredible, low insider prices on hundreds of high-quality products.

  • Of course, you are always welcome to shop at our normal Typical Retail Prices, without a membership, like you would with any other luxury brand. Some customers do that too!

What If I Don’t Want To Shop Every Month?

As long as you’re still a member, any of your unused Spending Limit simply rolls forward until you shop, so you can save up for months if you want to and shop all at once, or treat yourself to a little pink box of happiness every single month. Or anything in between.

The Math...

Typical beauty industry markups are often up to 1000% (or up to 10X the real manufactured cost of a product). Which means you can save more on a single BEAUTY PIE shop, than you’ll pay for an entire year of membership. It’s a bit of a no-brainer, actually.

How Can I Know That Beauty Pie Products Are High-Quality?

  • We source our products from 59 of the world’s leading third-party labs and edit our selection via their finest formulations – from makeup to moisturizers!

  • Our cruelty free makeup and luxury beauty products are often custom-made by the best chemists, noses, aromatherapists and skincare and product development experts.

  • As BEAUTY PIE members shop at our direct-sourced prices (we don’t work backwards to try to make more profit), our only motivation is to provide our members with great products.

    After all, you’re paying what we’re paying to make them. Why wouldn’t we deliver the very best?

How Exactly Does A Member’s Spending Limit Work?

  • LOVE IT OR HATE IT, WE’VE GOTTA HAVE IT. Each membership – whether monthly or annual – has a Spending Limit, so we don’t run out of stock on everything!

  • IT’S ENTIRELY UP TO YOU how much product you’d like to buy each month with your membership. And if you don’t buy anything one month? Your Spending Limit simply rolls forward to the next.

  • UPGRADES AND DOWNGRADES ARE AVAILABLE (with a maximum $50 monthly membership for a $500 monthly Spending Limit) – you just have to email customer service to help here.

Are Your Products Cruelty-Free?

Yes, our products are all cruelty-free. We don’t test any of our products on animals, nor do our suppliers and we don’t request any third parties to do so for us. Most of our products are also vegan – we highlight this on each relevant product page.


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Marcia Kilgore

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