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The incredible, energizing scent of new French-scented candles, with oils from Grasse.

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A clean house or the sexy scent of freshly picked tuberose, the energizing smell of amber and sandalwood, or - and we’re betting on this one as the ‘biggie’ - of redcurrant and fig (damn we just love fig). Our most recent shipment (from the factory in Provence that makes all the best French scented candles) features all four fragrances, one to light up for every occasion. In fact, there’s science (and substance) behind the mood-altering abilities of scented candles.

Because just as plant-based essential oils have proven medicinal and mind-aligning properties (dig up the forty-something-year-old annals of legendary French naturopath and aromatherapy pioneer Dr Jean Valnet for page upon page of proofs) so do pots of wax infused with the same. Just light up a good French-made candle – or simply place it in a ray of strong sunlight - and twenty minutes later not only might the chronic ‘wet dog’ smell in your front hallway be history, you might just experience an overall feeling of elevation. Horrible hotel room? Musty-old AirBnB? Sub optimally-scented office-mate adjacency? Light one up, and summon...

Positive Energy

Amber (which is extracted from tree resin, rather than oil) has intense psychological effects, can alter brain waves, increase sensual pleasure, reduce stress and anxiety, and create positive energy. A key component in our Amber & Santal Scented Candle, which is rounded by a beautiful mix of bergamot, patchouli, freesia and musk.

A Bit of Clarity

We’d like to think that Marie Kondo herself would burn our Clean House Candle while skilfully re-organising somebody’s walk-in closet. With Lavender essential oil, freesia, magnolia and a soft musk, it’s calm, relaxing, de-stressing, alertness-enhancing and memory strengthening, and makes everything smell instantly fresher. Besides, we believe it will bring you joy...

Mother Nature

It’s our in-house favourite, with redcurrant and fig, bergamot oil and plum (plus fig flowers and amber and musk). It’s earthy, and green, and fruity, and tangy, with the most incredible throw. A single Redcurrant & Fig Candle takes over a room in five minutes flat. It’s handsome and expensive and gorgeously scented. Try one. You’ll probably reorder in six-packs.

So, in answer to someone who said that to splurge on good candles was like setting fire to a wad of banknotes (someone who was not yet educated in the joy of the buyers-club-associated-savings that BEAUTY PIE makes possible), we agree. There’s fire involved (if you want the best effect). And, there are banknotes, certainly. But at BEAUTY PIE, the candles and the prices are so good, you just never end up feeling burnt.


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