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Even Vogue Is Obsessed

Look up the word ‘Deluxe’ in the dictionary. You may see a picture of this.

Even Vogue is obsessed with our Super Healthy Skin Body Creme

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If you’ve landed here, it’s likely that you’ve got very dry skin on your body. The kind it might take a miracle to mitigate. The kind that almost hurts after a too-long hot shower. That goes through body creme like an NBA team goes through Gatorade.

But using really genius body creams can be an expensive habit. A really deluxe French one like this - infused with sustainable cold-pressed Hibiscus Flower, Meadowfoam Oils, Liquid Shea Butter and Essential Oils of Orange, Tangerine, Geranium and Tonka Bean - and which recently picked up a VOGUE beauty award - can set you back a cool $70 if you pay retail for it. Up until now - a brilliant body cream used to be the kind of ‘buy it for your birthday’ kind of product, right? A bit of splurge (and probably in-between, you’d settle).

Buy it for $70

But wait
What if you could buy the same amazing French Body Cream - For just $16.92

Before buying direct from the warehouses at BEAUTY PIE was possible, if you wanted a really exceptional body cream like this, you’d have to stump up for all the ‘layers’, the bells, the whistles, the OTT ornate packaging, the Fifth Avenue corporate offices - at BEAUTY PIE we call it the LMAO (landfill, marketing, advertising and fatcat overheads).

But things are different now. Not only can you access luxury-quality body creams, from France’s best lab, but hundreds of the world’s best beauty products (skincare, haircare, makeup, fragrance, body products, supplements, even luxury candles) from the same labs that manufacture the ‘big’ beauty brands.

The best part? That’s WITHOUT paying for middlemen or ridiculous retailer markups. In fact, you can buy your amazing body cream AND shop all of the above for up to 75% off (everything, every day). 

Think of it as getting a bigger piece of the BEAUTY PIE.


*membership gives you up to 75% off typical retail on refills of your cream, and hundreds of other fantastic beauty products for a full year! Membership automatically renews and allowance resets annually. Cancellation info here.



“Can't live without this“


“Joyous stuff. This cream is everything I wanted it to be. Gorgeous texture, feels lovely, smells divine. I am a real fuss-pot when it comes to body creams: I am very particular about perfume and efficacy. This is a winner for me; I want more.“


“Unctuous gorgeousness. Pure unadulterated luxury. Treat yourself because you will love the feel, smell and quality. “


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Nicola Moulton

a year ago

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© 2022 Beauty Pie. All rights reserved.