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We Made a TV Ad

BEAUTY PIE is now showing on a screen near you… here’s the inside scoop


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You know how at BEAUTY PIE, we believe the beauty world needs to change? And that there’s a better way of doing things - that’s more real, honest and refreshing?

Well, we kind of think the same about beauty advertising too. All those perfume ads starring glossy Manhattanites, running late for glossy gallery openings? Or languishing on a rock, dressed in a ballgown, while the waves lap at her feet? Call us crazy, but somehow - none of that really reflects our day-to-day.

“We felt that traditional beauty advertising can look stale, and doesn’t speak to modern women,” said Marcia Kilgore, founder and creative visionary behind the brand. “We wanted to create something they could relate to.”

So when we were brainstorming our TV ad, we were pretty clear that it would star a woman, like us, who loved beauty but also liked to keep things real. It was decided fairly early on that she would be hiding in her bathroom (maybe she’s hiding from her children; maybe she’s desperate for a bit of time to herself. Maybe her BEAUTY PIE order has arrived, and just for once, she wants to enjoy it and not have anyone spoil the moment. Maybe all three). Oh yes - and her bathroom wouldn’t be one of those pristine marble ones that advertisers think we all live in. It would be a real-life one, with a stack of towels and an even bigger stack of products. (There were some moments of Hollywood magic though, like the guy on-set whose job it was to ensure the bubble bath looked bubbly at all times.) 

The result is - we think - a warm, funny and ultra-relatable ad in which a woman - a little bit exhausted by life, but always ready to be saved by a beauty moment or two - is alone in her bathroom, musing to us about beauty products, and how they promise to do things like “resurface your surfaces” and “peel away your… bank balance”. But not, as she goes on to say, at BEAUTY PIE. Played  by two brilliant actresses (one for the UK ad; one for the US), we couldn’t have wished for two funnier, or more fabulous women, to bring our brand to life. 

If you haven't seen it yet check it out here:

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Nicola Moulton

7 months ago

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