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The BEAUTY PIE Glossary

How to get the most PIE possible.

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Sometimes we’re all too busy whipping open a jar of Super Heathy Skin™ Deluxe Moisture Body Creme to slow down for the nitty gritty details. So, we thought we’d send out a little refresher on how BEAUTY PIE works, for the benefit of our original BEAUTY PIE members and newcomers alike.

Think of it as a GLOSSY-ARY! (Notice what we did there?)

Buyers' Club

(And why to tell your friends)

A growing number of people join a club to get the maximum buying power and advantageous pricing usually only available to a company or corporation. Generally, the bigger the membership base, the better the negotiating leverage.

Dynamic Pricing

(And why what you pay can sometimes change) This is when the actual real-time costs of getting a product manufactured, tested, shipped and stored are input individually to reflect economies of scale and relevant ‘cost of goods’ sold. At BEAUTY PIE, every members’ price is dynamic, and reflects the total cost it takes to get a product to the warehouse, in the volume and time scale it was ordered. This is why prices may vary slightly from batch to batch and from shade to shade. We trust that members keep their eye on the forest (the overall savings), instead of the trees! Shopping Allowance

(How much you can get in your haul)

When we started, each BEAUTY PIE membership came with a monthly spending limit. Now that we’re bigger (and more experienced), we have more ability to forecast our inventory, and more info about what members shop for regularly vs just once in a while - so we’ve been able to offer a different membership called BEAUTY PIEⓇ PLUS, where you receive your entire month’s shopping allowance upfront. (We also listened to our members, who told us that for many of them - except for those who use them to control their monthly budgets - having spending limits sucks).

But Remember

It’s entirely up to you how much product you’d like to buy and when - and especially with BEAUTY PIEⓇ PLUS, you can stock up on your favorites, try new things and buy gifts for friends and family whenever you like, choosing to make bigger orders and ship less often - which is better for the earth.

Operating BEAUTY PIE is a complex endeavor. We have team members, rent, technology AND stock, and we need a certain level of contribution per product we move through, to ensure we can continue to deliver luxury for less.

Typical Price

(What you'd normally fork out for something similar)

At BEAUTY PIE our Typical Prices reflect not only what non-members of our club are charged when purchasing our products, but our estimate of what a person would typically pay, at retail, for a luxury product of comparable quality, with a similar level of active ingredients, in a similar size. (Of course, we don’t package our products in layers of expensive ‘landfill’ – think ornate caps and sparkly plastic-coated bottles – because that’s just not cool.) But we know what’s inside each product, and that’s what counts. To ensure our Typical Prices are current, we regularly audit them with a variety of well-known online and offline retailers. We also account for taxes and delivery charges. We repeat this exercise for every one of our products regularly.

For skincare, typical industry SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) is to take the ex-factory cost of goods and mark it up 10X before it gets to retail. We think that’s ridiculous, so we do the same market benchmarking and set our typical prices lower, so our members can access more.


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In case you're new around here (and WELCOME if you are!) at BEAUTY PIE, we don't do 'dupes'. It's not our M.O. to go out and copy other people's products.

BEAUTY PIE - Follow The Leader

In case you're new around here (and WELCOME if you are!) at BEAUTY PIE, we don't do 'dupes'. It's not our M.O. to go out and copy other people's products.

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© 2022 Beauty Pie. All rights reserved.