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Welcome To The ‘Question Everything’ Economy (And Read Our New Report)

We commissioned trends experts The Future Laboratory to explore how the new generation of hyper-knowledgeable consumers is demanding more honesty, integrity and financial inclusivity from beauty brands, by questioning everything from the ingredients they use to the prices they charge.


Listen to the Discussion

Watch Beauty Pie founder Marcia Kilgore in conversation with The Future Laboratory co-founder Chris Sanderson, discussing the report - and what it means for the future of the industry and the wider beauty world.

Introducing the Whitepaper

So why have we produced the report? Well, in some ways, beauty has made big strides in recent years, including attitudes towards diversity and body positivity. But where’s the respect for the consumer around price and fairness? What happens to the notion of ‘inclusivity’ if you’re charging prices that mean you’re denying people the chance to buy them? At Beauty Pie we have a saying: the old beauty industry cuts you out. We cut you in.

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Made the Same

The report questions why beauty is still an industry that does things the ‘traditional’ way. Why perpetuate the myth that people want to buy into the mystique of beauty - the smoke and mirrors - rather than the glorious revelations of the ingredients, technology and artistry? ‘Cutting out the middleman can almost provide an endorphin rush to customers, as they receive products for less while gaining knowledge and insights into the back-end of the industry behind the scenes,’ says Marcia Kilgore.

Download the Report

“We commissioned this report to explore the evolving attitudes towards luxury, fairness and the growing consumer instinct to be part of something bigger. And to see if our instinct – that overpaying is officially over – was correct.”

- Marcia Kilgore

Beauty Streaming

Rather than exclusivity and status, this new era for beauty is all about shared values and empowering customers, with ‘customer retention’ and ‘purchase frequency’ growing in importance compared to pure ‘growth’ and ‘penetration’. Memberships enable brands to generate buzz and strengthen connections with their customers. ‘At Beauty Pie, our community evolved from early adopters to becoming more mainstream through both word of mouth and our ability to answer questions (and share supply chain frustrations) openly and honestly,’ says Marcia Kilgore.

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Beauty guru @marcia.kilgore started Beauty Pie - the first luxury beauty and wellness buyers’ club - so that everybody could access the best beauty in the world at affordable prices. Thousands of people are already enjoying insider access, shopping lab-to-warehouse direct for the best skincare, makeup, haircare, bodycare, fragrance and more, and getting up to 4X more for their money, every day. Read further about how BEAUTY PIE works and download the new report below. Enjoy the read – we’d love to know what you think!

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© 2023 Beauty Pie. All rights reserved.From The New York Times. © 2020 The New York Times Company. All rights reserved. Used under license.