The Beauty Dept / This $12 Cream is the Rockstar of Swiss Anti-Aging Secrets


This $12 Cream is the Rockstar of Swiss Anti-Aging Secrets

...and probably the best multi-active re-energizing face moisturizer ever.

Super Healthy Skin Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream

A lucky discovery.

When, 2 years ago, a little-known, super-elite Swiss skincare lab sent a package to Beauty Pie - with no real explanation about the contents, no accompanying note, no sales pitch, and nothing but a single filled jar inside - we did what any responsible, experienced, demanding product development team would do - assumed it was ‘facial’, divided it up, and starting testing. And within a week - every single one of us was sold. We were smoother. Glowing. Younger. Re-renergized, even.

Excited e-mails were sent. Data sheets received. Formulation strategy shared. This was the most complete all-in-one skin re-energizing moisturizer we’d ever seen, with an active ingredient included to address anything related to aging that might ail your face.

An Anti-Aging cream that has it all.

Formulated by a cosmetic chemistry genius, on his lab bench (near Evian, overlooking the lake) with exo-polysaccharides (to boost weak and dehydrated skins), an elastic oat fraction (for an instant tensing effect), Edelweiss (from the Alps) to protect, soften and scavenge free radicals, an exceptionally effective instant visual wrinkle-filling and lifting seaweed extract, a collagen-density booster, narcissus flower extracts for whitening and brightening, and hyaluronic acids for deep rehydration.

He included double-plumping Hyalo-Oligo to increase skin moisture both inside and out, Lumiskin to help with lightening/brightening, a skin energy reconnector, Nectapure to help prevent wrinkles, alpine rose leaf extract to help prevent protein degradation and grape stem cells to regenerate cells stressed by UV rays. What else could a girl (or well-groomed guy) want from a moisturizer?

Now it’s not that often that we find a product - straight off a chemist’s shelf - that we think is perfect. But this was so very exceptional, so efficacious and so – may we say – MEGA, that we didn’t dare mess with it. It was like the high-performance kitchen sink of Swiss anti-aging skincare products. So we sourced some gorgeous jars, had cartons fitted for them, gave this powerhouse a name, crossed our fingers and asked the lab for a quote. A formula like this? At retail? Would normally set you back at least $150.

What it really costs? Without the mumbo-jumbo. The middlemen. Or the markup.

Fully-finished? In a 50 ml jar. About $12.33*.


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