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Friends in PIE places.

Our refer-a-friend program has just been activated. Here’s why you should sign up.

Friends in PIE places

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already a card carrying, dyed-in-the-wool member of BEAUTY PIE.

Maybe you read about the PIE revolution in Vogue and thought “If it’s good enough for Vogue, it’s good enough for me.” Or perhaps your best friend showed up one Monday morning with a luminous face courtesy of a mystery-box full of luxury-but-affordable Swiss skincare - inducing acute PIE envy? Or it could be that you’re a luxury beauty product maven and you know you deserve more for your money.

Whatever brought you here, we’re thrilled to be sharing the PIE with you. And we’d love if you’d share it with others.

Because BEAUTY PIE is like a buyers club. Collectively, we have the same buying power as any big beauty company. But because our pricing is transparent and you pay what the PIE pays, the bigger we are, the better our buying power (for product, shipping boxes, warehousing fees).

More Members = More Products and quite probably, even better prices.

So if you love getting a bigger piece of the BEAUTY PIE we’d appreciate if you tell your friends, spread the word, fuel the revolution! Friends who join will get their first month free (courtesy of you) and when they’re official (at the start of the 2nd month), you’ll get a reward for helping us grow.

Just sign up here, so we can tally who you send. And tell friends to enter your name in the 'Referred by a friend?' link at checkout, so they can get their first bite of the BEAUTY PIE for free!

Sign up here

At BEAUTY PIE, our mission is to make you feel like a kid in a cosmetics candy store.
To bring you the fairy tale. To deliver the absolute best in beauty nonstop, at prices so amazing, even a splurge is a steal.
Because there should be no guilt in getting gorgeous.