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'Teenager Skin' Kit (4-Steps)

Breakouts, large pores, shine all the time? Start with these…

Break down excess oils and refresh your face with our Gentle Foamy Face Wash. Exfoliate and purify with a post-cleanse application of our Salicylic-and-Fruit-Acid Micropeeling Super Drops. Soothe redness and rebalance with our Super Healthy Skin Moisture Lotion. And twice a week, deeply purify and resurface skin with our Oxygen Refuelling Mask.

(You’ll also need SPF in the morning.)

Suitable for oily, acne and problem-prone skin. For treatment of blemishes, blackheads, breakouts and acne.


Super Healthy Skin™ Gentle Foamy Face Wash, 390ml

‎‎ ‎+ A super gentle and deep cleansing gel-to-foam that won’t strip your skin’s surface. ‎+ Brightens, purifies and cleans the skin. ‎+ Gently smoothing and with antioxidant properties. ‎

Plantastic™ Micropeeling Super Drops, 50ml

‎‎ ‎+ ‎Refines pores, exfoliates and perfects. ‎+ ‎Helps even out skin tone. ‎+ ‎Softens, smooths and purifies. ‎+ ‎Dissolves the top layer of skin. ‎

Oxygen Instant Facial Refuelling Mask, 50ml

‎‎ ‎+ Brightens, hydrates, cleanses and oxygenates your skin. ‎+ Helps smooth, refresh and prevents clogging, blackheads and breakouts. ‎+ Prevents post-breakout pigmentation and bacteria buildup. ‎

Super Healthy Skin™ Daily Moisture Lotion, 75ml

‎‎ ‎+ Visibly brightens and smooths, while nourishing. ‎+ ‎Hydrates, softens and soothes. ‎+ Redness reducing, calming and energy-boosting. ‎+ Helps enhance microcirculation.

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© 2022 Beauty Pie. All rights reserved.