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Live Bacteria Microbio Culture Capsules

‎If you’re looking for the best quality, high-potency blend of live cultures for the gut, SuperGut delivers 12 vegan-friendly species of bacteria. Starring Lactobacillus Acidophilus DDS1 – a bacteria with over 35 years of clinical research – and the researched strain Bifidobacterium Lactis UABla-12. SuperGut is formulated with 50 billion CFUs¹ per daily intake and without prebiotics, e.g. FoS and GoS, for suitability amongst even the most super sensitive of systems.

Food supplement

60 capsules

2 capsules daily

30 servings

Made in the UK

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‎SuperGut is a multi-species, live culture blend, containing 12 strains at 50 billion CFUs per 2 capsules (at its expiration date) including Lactobacillus Acidophilus DDS1. ‎ Read more about the strains of bacteria in our SuperGut product


Clean Beauty

Cruelty Free

1 At the expiration date.

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