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Sleepeasy™ Luxury Mulberry Silk


Nothing beats this silk pillowcase for beauty sleep!

‎Because silk fibres are significantly less-absorbent, they help keep your skin and hair moisture levels high, reducing friction (and breakage) on hair and reducing wrinkling (and creasing) on your face. Our deluxe mulberry silk pillowcase is anti-wrinkle, pro-curly hair, temperature-regulating (cool), naturally hypoallergenic and genius for getting a good night’s sleep.

Incl. 1 queen size silk pillowcase

51.5 cm x 77 cm

Made in China

Suitable for everyone


‎‎+ Pure 100% 22-momme mulberry silk woven pillowcase. ‎ ‎+ With 100% natural silk fibres to reduce skin creasing and hair friction when you sleep. ‎ ‎+ Reduced friction protects your hair from breakage and frizz. ‎ ‎+ Tightly wound fibres help your skin retain moisture. ‎ ‎+ Silk fibres are naturally hypoallergenic and temperature regulating – making every side of your pillow the ‘cool side.

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