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100% Silk Hair Scrunchies (Jet Black)

The best hair ties for curly, kinky, damaged or chemically-sensitised hair?

‎With a specially selected, super strong elastic interior and 100% pure silk exterior, these silk hair ties are beautifully crafted to glide against hair, eliminating the damaging friction, clawing and tugging of abrasive traditional elastics. No more snapping. No more kinks. No more damage.

Incl. 6

Made in China

Suitable for all hair types


‎‎+ For snag-free glide against hair ‎+ Ultra-high quality, 22 momme woven silk ‎+ Super elastic interior with 100% pure silk casing for slip ‎+ Helps prevent kinks, split-ends, snapping or hair breakage

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100% Silk Hair Scrunchies

100% Silk Hair Scrunchies


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