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Collagen Super Powder™

Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Peptides with Tremella Fuciformis Biotin and Vitamin C

A 100% natural berry infusion flavour helps cover the fleeting taste of seaweed. Best taken with cold water or added to a cold smoothie or juice.

‎What's special about the Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen we've sourced, is that we know it’s backed by science! Our Collagen Super Powder is also formulated with Tremella Fuciformis, Biotin, and the key ingredient Vitamin C; which helps support Collagen formation for the normal function of skin, teeth, gums, bones, blood vessels and cartilage. With so many Collagen Peptides to choose from, we have chosen this high-quality Peptide with proven absorbability. Blend into a drink for a subtle all-natural berry flavour.

Food supplement

339 g

11.3 g daily (approx. 1 scoop)

30 servings.

Made in the UK


‎A light and refreshing daily supplement powder with hints of sweet berries. It delivers Hydrolysed Marine Type I Collagen Peptides sourced from wild fish – this form is bioidentical to human collagen and researched with proven results. ‎

The role of Collagen found in the body

‎‎ As far as proteins go, there’s nothing like it. It has a unique Amino Acid composition that plays an important role in human anatomy. It’s high in Hydroxyproline, Glycine, Proline and three Amino Acids that coil together in a triple helix and provide the skin’s infrastructure for Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid. Collagen provides structure for bones, gums, teeth, tendons, blood vessels and cartilage. ‎ A Wild Marine Collagen Powder with Biotin and vitamin C that quickly dissolves in water with a natural berry flavour. Info is per 10g dose. ‎+ Formulated with hydrolysis technology that creates a low molecular weight Collagen powder for improved digestibility and optimal absorption.¹ ‎+ Delivers 250mg vitamin C (which contributes to Collagen formation for the normal function of the skin, teeth, gums, bones, blood vessels and cartilage).) ‎+ Delivers 100mcg Biotin to help support normal hair and skin.

1 Source: León-López A, Morales-Peñaloza A, Martínez-Juárez VM, Vargas-Torres A, Zeugolis DI, Aguirre-Álvarez G. Hydrolyzed Collagen-Sources and Applications. Molecules. 2019 Nov 7;24(22):4031. doi: 10.3390/molecules24224031. PMID: 31703345; PMCID: PMC6891674.

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