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Jeju Daily

AM/PM Multi-Phase Purifying Cleansing Milk

Addictively deluxe multi-phase rinse-off cleanser.

‎An absolutely marvellous multi-phase cleansing milk – with Jeju Cherry Blossom, soothing Bamboo Grass, Liquorice-Root Extract and Meadowfoam Seed Oil. It's rich and milky, super-emollient, massages into an oil, breaks makeup down in microseconds and rinses-off like a dream, leaving your skin looking fresh and bright. (Buy a few, so you have backup.) Ultra gentle, for all skin types.

190 ml

Made in Japan

Suitable for all skin types


‎Makeup-dissolving deluxe multiphase milk-to-oil cleanser. ‎+ Effectively dissolves makeup and rinses off easily leaving no traces ‎+ Leaves skin feeling clean, soft and supple ‎+ Leaves skin bright and fresh ‎+ Soothing and hydrating

Key Benefit by Ingredient

+ Koyamaki An antioxidant from the Japanese umbrella pine with visible anti-aging effects

+ Jeju Jori From Jeju mountain bamboo grass, an extract used in folk remedies and teas for its antioxidant and skin brightening properties

+ Jeju Blossom Yoshino cherry blossom extract from jeju island, soothing and anti-free radical, with phenolic antioxidants

+ Meadowfoam Oil A botanical oil, rich in long-chain fatty acids, for exceptional emulsifying, skin smoothing and softening

+ Liquorice Root Extract For optimal skin suppleness

Clean Beauty

Cruelty Free

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