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10-Minute-Miracle Sheet Mask

If celebrity makeup artists had a secret weapon, it would be this.

‎This is a 10-minute nano-emulsion sheet mask that erases the exhaustion from your face. So impressive, you’ll want to use it in the morning. (Why head to bed, you’ll ask yourself, when your skin is SINGING?) It’s infused with Plant Squalane, Phospholipids and hypoallergenic White Mushroom Polysaccharides (which are more hydrating than Hyaluronic Acid). Have a few around for a hungover face, as a pre-makeup base, or to have in your everyday beauty case.

1 sachet x 35 ml

Made in Japan

Suitable for all skin types


Key Benefit by Ingredient

+ Squalane A stable, saturated, non-comedogenic Hydrocarbon naturally found in the skin. It’s an exceptional hydrator and helps support the moisture-barrier to keep skin supple and dewy.

+ Betaine Derived from Sugar Beets, Betaine can temporarily decrease the visible depth of wrinkles, giving skin a much smoother appearance.

+ White Fungus Polysaccharide A moisturiser extracted from White Fungus (mushrooms), which has higher humectant properties than.

+ Hyaluronic Acid. Jabara Extract (2%) An antioxidant ingredient harvested from the Japanese Citrus Fruit and rich in vitamin C and Polyphenols. It helps inhibit the appearance of pigmented spots.

+ Delamyth (2%) An extract from the peel of the Delaware Grape, known to help soothe the skin and to counteract free radical damage with excellent antioxidant activity.

+ Nmfission Moisture Lock Complex (1%) A quadruple-action Pombe Yeast derivative that delivers moisture and firmness, visibly re-energizes the complexion and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles through deep hydration and skin-surface nourishing.

Clean Beauty

Cruelty Free

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