Plantastic™ Micropeeling Super Drops

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4.5110Plantastic™ Micropeeling Super Drops

Can you remember envying somebody's flawless, faultless, fabulous face?
Well, a couple of drops of this every day, and you might be in awe of your own. The best thing for keeping breakouts at bay, skin looking bright, pores-refined and tight, our Plantastic Micropeeling Super Drops are an easy, everyday addition to your skincare routine. Use once or twice a week for maintenance, or daily if you're battling breakouts. With fruit-acids, micro-purifying biosurfactants, natural brighteners. It's a 24/7 glow-giving one-serum wonder.

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Wonder potion
Where the sodding heck has this been all my life? It has revolutionised my skin. I only wish I had discovered this bad boy years ago. I use this with the retinol night cream and it just works without irritating. Marvellous!
  • 35-44
Great for treating acne
This is a great serum to add into your routine when you need that extra acne fighting boost right around your cycle. It’s perfect.
  • 45-54
Feels luxurious
I have been using the micropeeling drops once per day since ordering (only a week or so) and I think I can see a difference. The bottle is much larger than I was expecting, so this will last a very long time. The smell is nice, and the liquid is easy to apply. I don't really know what "a few drops" equates to, but I put a couple of drops onto each cheek, plus a drop on my forehead and chin and then pat in and smooth over. It soaks in quickly and almost has a tingly feeling a few seconds after applying. I then put my usual moisturiser on top. I will most likely increase to two times per day soon to see if this makes a marked difference in my skin! I would be careful using this if your skin is on the dry side - my skin is combination/dry and it feels like it would be uncomfortable for some.
  • 25-34
Breakouts at bay!
I’m asian with sensitive skin and this product was super duper gentle & effective! After several weeks I’m left with smooth, soft, even toned skin & zero hormonal break outs. Double thumbs up!
  • 45-54
Magical drops
These drops are so amazing, in just a week my pore size is reduced and 2 people have complimented me on how fresh I look.
  • 25-34
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